January 1st, 2015

Eagle Creek Adds New Styles, Colors To The Legendary Pack-It™ System

Eagle Creek Adds New Styles, Colors To The Legendary Pack-It™ System

Anticipating traveler needs and staying ahead of the competition, Eagle Creek is always improving and adding new styles to the original and best line of packing aids available.

San Diego, Ca. – Improving on the best can be difficult, but the product designers at Eagle Creek are always innovating to meet the needs of today’s travelers - which includes new tools for getting more stuff into less space, and adding versatility to everyday use products.

New Original Pack-It™ Compression Cubes combine the best of compression with a full-access clamshell opening. Easily stack clothes to reduce wrinkles and then zip the cube down to approximately 1⁄2 the size. Semi-structured design is compatible with other Pack-It Cubes and fills those neglected corners of your suitcase. Comes in a set of two.

New Specter™ Stuffer Sets are easy-to-use lightweight, translucent sacks for anything that might need a quick, easy place to live. Use them for laundry, for cords and adaptors and even for something creative like as a diffuser for your headlamp to make the perfect tent overhead lamp. Two set sizes, three smaller-sized Stuffers in each set.

Pack-It™ System highlights include:

Pack-It™ Compression Cubes

Leveraging the success of the SpecterTM Compression Cube Set, we now offer the same impressive compression in Originals. Enjoy!

Pack-It™ Compression Cube Set – set of 2

Half Cube Capacity: Expanded: 420 cu in, Compressed: 215 cu in; Weight: 3.84 oz; Size: Expanded: 10 x 7 x 4 in, Compressed: 10 x 7 x 1.5 in
Cube Capacity: Expanded: 875 cu in, Compressed: 500 cu in; Weight: 4.72 oz; Size: Expanded: 14 x 10 x 4.5 in, Compressed: 14 x 10 x 1.25 in


  • Pack-It™ Compression Cube

  • Pack-It™ Compression Half Cube


  • Two-way zippered opening for maximum compression

  • Easy-to-see, compression zipper

  • Mesh top for visibility and breathability

  • Quick grab handle

  • Washable

Pack-It Specter™ Stuffer Sets

Always offering more solutions to keep gear organized, these SpecterTM Stuffer Sacs sets come in a variety of sizes for the perfect fit.

Pack-It Specter™ Stuffer Set Mini 

Micro: Capacity: 40 cu in, Weight: 0.2 oz; Size: 2.5 x 4.5 x 2.5 in XXS: Capacity: 60 cu in, Weight: 0.26 oz; Size: 3 x 7 x 3 in
XS: Capacity: 90 cu in Weight: 0.29 oz; Size: 3 x 9 x 3 in

Pack-It Specter™ Stuffer Set S/M/L 

SM: Capacity: 200 cu in, Weight: 0.4 oz; Size: 4.5 x 11.5 x 4.5 in M: Capacity: 315 cu in, Weight: 0.5 oz; Size: 5.5 x 13.5 x 5.5 in L: Capacity: 550 cu in Weight: 0.63 oz; Size: 6.5 x 15.5 x 6.5 in


  • Ultra lightweight silnylon ripstop allows for visibility of contents

  • Top drawstring locking closure with carry clip

  • Washable

Stuffer Set Mini:

  • Keeps cords and adapters, and other smaller items organized

  • Micro and XXS sizes double as light diffusors with LED headlamp

Stuffer Set S/M/L:

• Keeps accessories and loose items organized


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