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Donate Your Old Travel Gear

and get up to 40% Off your Next Order of $99+


Give Your Gear New Life

and get a discount on your next order


Eagle Creek has partnered with The Renewal Workshop to upcycle product while limiting the amount of our gear being trashed. But why stop there? Send us your worn out and beat up luggage, regardless of brand or condition, for up to 40% OFF your next purchase of $99 or more on eaglecreek.com. We will responsibly renew, donate or recycle returned gear, giving it a second life.​ See full details below. 



The Discount & How to Qualify


40% Off Your Next Order of $99 or more

Send us your old Eagle Creek Luggage, Travel Pack, or Duffel - regardless of it's condition - and we will email you a 40% off code for your next eaglecreek.com purchase of $99 or more.

It's a loyalty program that rewards you for being an Eagle Creek customer & for responsibly disposing of your bag you no longer want!


25% off Your Order of $99 or more

Send us your old luggage, duffel, or trave pack regardless of the condition AND manufacturer and qualify for 25% off your next order of $99 or more. 

Eagle Creek is on a mission to keep all bags out of the landfill, not just our own. We hope you join us!

Get Started

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. Once submitted our customer service team will email you a return label within 2 business days
  3. Mail your luggage, duffel, or travel pack to us within 30 days of receiving the shipping label
    1. For luggage you can tape the label right onto the item, for duffels and travel packs you will need to supply \your own shipping materials
    2. Drop the item off at your local UPS store, or contact UPS to schedule a pick up
  4. Once the item is recieved we will inspect it, and upon inspection our customer service team will email a unique promo code for you to use
    1. Please allow upt o 5 business days to recieve your promo code from the customer service team
    2. All Eagle Creek items qualify you for 40% off your next purchase of $99 or more.
    3. Not an Eagle Creek bag? That's ok - We don't want that in the land fill either. Donate it to us to responsibly dispose of, and you will qualify for 25% off your next order of $99 or more
  5. Shop EagleCreek.com as you normally would and use your promo code at checkout. Orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours.
  6. Go on an Adventure!