Eagle Creek and its employees stand against racism and support all who seek racial justice and equality. Black Lives Matter.


As a purpose-led company, we work to “Unlock the Wonders of Humanity and the Planet” through travel. That statement is intended to include all people, but we know we can do more to include the images, voices and perspectives of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in the pursuit of sharing a love for travel, adventure and the outdoors.  


Here are a few steps we’ll take immediately to accelerate change within our organization:    

1. Eagle Creek will fund and partner with Environmental Learning for Kids and Outdoor Afro to help increase access to adventure travel and the outdoors to African Americans.

2. Forge paid partnerships with African American adventure travel influencers and leverage our platform to inspire others in the community. 

3. Recruit and build a more diverse talent pool. Eagle Creek currently has 18% representation of BIPOC on our leadership team. We’ll raise that to 25% by 2025. 

4. We have formed an internal Diversity and Inclusion task force to help guide these efforts and to keep us accountable.


Travel and the outdoors shouldn’t be a privilege for any one group of people, but accessible and experienced by all. We will do all we can to make that vision a reality.  


The Eagle Creek Team