Wanderings in Sedona

Wanderings in Sedona

Written by Ben Christensen on

Ben Christensen is an advertising and lifestyle photographer from Arizona. From outdoor and adventure shots to high fashion, Ben has it covered. 

Wanderings in Sedona

Wanderings in Sedona

Spring Time in Sleepy Slide Rock State Park.

Here at the “Creek” there’s nothing we love more than seeing our gear out in the wild. So when lifestyle photographer and friend Ben Christensen called to tell us he was heading out to Sedona for the weekend, we were all smiles.

His first destination took him and his small crew (Ben’s wife Paige) to Slide Rock State Park: To an old apple farm turned popular tourist destination off highway 17 – just about a 30-minute drive south of downtown Flagstaff. It’s an area known to the locals as “Mother Nature’s Waterpark”. Named one of America’s 10 best watering holes by USA Today, the spot is usually filled with capacity crowds during the hot, dry Arizona summers, but early spring was a different story entirely.

4:00pm: Departing for Sedona with the EC Lync Limited Edition in tow.

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4:45pm: Need to navigate a bumpy trail, time to ditch the wheels and go all backpack.

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5:15pm: The water was really cold, no swimming on this trip to Slide Rock Park.

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5:30pm: The light this time of day was absolutely gorgeous. The late afternoon sun lit up the ridge line above us, providing an almost magic hour effect in the canyon.

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6:00pm: By far my favorite shot of the day. The sun had just dipped behind the ridge behind me, providing the right amount of naturally defused light.

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