Conserving & Protecting Our Coastlines

Conserving & Protecting Our Coastlines

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Catharina is a former Marketing Intern here at Eagle Creek and is very passionate about traveling to faraway places and immersing herself in different cultures. Her hopes and dreams include living in Europe/Australia, sharing her international experiences with a larger audience through writing for a company with an international focus, and gaining more experience working in the outdoors industry. She also loves yoga, long road trips (preferably along the coast), and country music. 

Conserving & Protecting Our Coastlines

Conserving & Protecting Our Coastlines

Eagle Creek has a passion for conserving and protecting our global environment.

In partnership with WILDCOAST, a community-based organization located in Imperial Beach, California that works throughout Latin America and along the California coastline, Eagle Creek is putting our values into action.

Founded by Serge Dedina in 2000, WILDCOAST has strived to conserve and protect beautiful and biologically significant locations in coastal areas. The organization engages students from underserved and tribal communities across San Diego County in educational experiences to be a part of this very impactful work, teaching them about sustaining coastal and marine ecosystems.

Eagle Creek was proud to be a part of making these experiences accessible to students in 2016.

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Floating Laboratory Project

180 students went out on fishing vessels in some of the county’s Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and collected ecological and human use data using GoPro’s, electron microscopes, and laptops. The data was used for classroom analysis and statewide MPA monitoring.

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La Jolla Marine Protected Areas (MPA) Education

Partnering with Outdoor Outreach (another San Diego non-profit and Eagle Creek partner), 150 students gathered in La Jolla and were educated on MPAs, recreation, and stewardship. The students engaged in real hands-on, experiential learning activities about MPAs, and performed human use and ecological surveys on the beach, ending the day with a kayak tour of La Jolla Cove.

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Beach Clean-up & Restoration Projects

Through additional support from Eagle Creek, funds were also used to provide funding for WILDCOAST’s cleanup and beach restoration efforts in South San Diego Bay and the Tijuana River Valley.

WILDCOAST hopes to continue its efforts in working in partnerships with local communities and the Mexican government to protect islands, reefs, and mangrove ecosystems as well as involve local fishing families to promote sustainable lifestyles that help to conserve coral reefs and mangrove treasures.

We are proud to be a part of the very important work that WILDCOAST is leading, and will continue to work with the organization to not only do local employee-wide Service Day projects, but also support employees on international voluntour projects. By focusing on community conservation efforts, protection of public/private areas, and the implementation of stewardship, we will make a positive difference in our global community.