The Best Travel Bags for Summer Vacation

The Best Travel Bags for Summer Vacation

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The Best Travel Bags for Summer Vacation

The Best Travel Bags for Summer Vacation

Summer travel season has kicked off and you may need a new bag for your next trip. If you've been thinking about purchasing some Eagle Creek gear, now is the time.

For Short Getaways and For Working While Traveling

The Eagle Creek Adventure Weekender Bag helps you take care of business while you're on the road. It features a laptop pouch and plenty of room for clothes. You can wear it like a messenger bag via one long shoulder strap or like a backpack with two shoulder straps. The back slip panel even allows you to attach it to heavier luggage, making your walk through the airport much easier. And don't worry—it's lightweight, so you won't feel like you're dragging an elephant behind you. It also features two-way lockable zippers, so thieves won't be tempted to steal your stuff, as well as interior compression straps that secure your belongings and give you extra room to pack more items.

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For Conserving Space While Traveling by Bus or Train

The Doubleback Carry-on is a compact, two-wheeler suitcase that works as a carry-on bag on a flight, but it also can convert to a super-comfortable backpack whenever you want. There are handles on the top, side, and bottom of the bag so you can grab it from any direction when you're in a hurry. It also features reflective accents, so if you're, say, walking or biking at night, it'll be easier for cars to spot you. An added bonus is its detachable daypack, which is perfect for short trips away from your hotel once you arrive.

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For a Faster Time at the Airport

If you want to avoid checking a bag at the airport to save time, but you still need to pack a fair amount of stuff, consider the Expanse™ Convertible International Carry-on. You can wheel it through the airport and when you land, convert it using its zip away backpack straps so you can throw it on your back and go hands-free. That way you can quickly catch a taxi or hop on the next train out from the airport. It's made of Bi-Tech Armor Lite material and features ultra-durable wheels within heavy-duty wheel housing—in other words, the bag can withstand both urban and rural terrain, so you don't have to worry about wear and tear.

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For Protecting Your Stuff in Transit

When traveling with dirty laundry, throw it in half of the Pack-It™ Specter Clean Dirty Cube, so it stays separated from your clean stuff. If your trip involves a rainy-day hike or slog in the mud, and you don’t have a hose to clean off your shoes, don’t worry about it. Just bring along your Pack-It™ Specter Shoe Sac. It’ll protect the rest of your bag, your clothes, and your souvenirs from those dirty soles. And it prevents you from needing plastic bags or other non-eco-friendly travel companions.

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