May 7th, 2013

Your Volunteer Travel Personality: The Conservationist

Your Volunteer Travel Personality: The Conservationist

No two travelers make the exact same journey in the exact same way. That's why, when giving back to local communities around the world, we strive to make our contributions just as personal—and as meaningful. To help you hone in on the volunteer experience that taps into both your skills and your passions, we've created this quiz. Once you've completed it, you can see if you most identify with Mostly Cs. You Should: Support animal and environment conversationIf conservation volunteering aligns nicely with your core interests, this type of volunteering can really maximize niche skills you may possess. There are dozens of opportunities all over the world that allow you to work with animals or on important environmental conservation projects. The range of possible projects include: protecting the rainforests, increasing awareness of endangered animals, reversing human-caused damage in important local eco-systems or even building media awareness campaigns for core causes and issues.

  • Biosphere Expeditions specializes in conservation volunteering specifically, and they are internationally lauded for their innovative projects and programs; they offer some truly unique volunteer tour experiences.
  • ProWorld Volunteers has dozens of targeted environment and conservation programs in some of the world’s most vulnerable areas. These are paid volunteer placements and they focus on community-driven development efforts.

Other Volunteer Travel Personalities:  Mostly As: The Educator Mostly Bs: The Agriculturalist Mostly Ds: Pro-bono Professional Services Shannon O’Donnell has actively traveled around the world since 2008; she travels slowly and volunteers in small communities along the way. She recently published The Volunteer Traveler’s Handbook—a how-to guide for ethical volunteering—and her travel stories and photography are recorded on her travel blog, A Little

by Shannon ODonnell

Shannon O'Donnell is a long-term traveler who has been on the road since 2008; she travels slowly and supports grassroots tourism along the way. She is an acclaimed travel speaker and works with universities and businesses all over the U.S. to talk about supporting developing countries.

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