October 17th, 2015

Your Guide to Indoor Fitness

Your Guide to Indoor Fitness

Try these five activities when the weather cools off.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an endless summer. But even though the hot, sun-drenched days are a thing of the past, you don't have to give up your adventurous summer spirit when it comes to staying fit. Below, you'll find lots of creative ways to break a sweat indoors. So grab your backpack, toss your sneakers into a Sport Shoe Locker, and throw your gym clothes into a Sport Locker, because these moves will help you stay in shape and have a blast.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing gyms used to feel like rare finds for only the most serious climbers to join, but facilities are popping up in many places these days—and for good reason. Mastering your skills indoors on bouldering walls gives you a slew of different holds to train and practice on, so when the real deal rolls around next summer, you will have already honed your skills at the gym with the help of guided routes and instructors. Search the Web for climbing franchises that have multiple locations, such as Vertical World (America's first indoor climbing gym) in the Pacific Northwest.

Indoor Biking

Whether it's road biking or mountain biking that you're used to, gyms around the country are offering classes and facilities of all types. And don't think that means that you have to take some average spin class to get your fix on the bike. For example, Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park in Cleveland, Ohio, opened up more than 97,000 square feet (30 square meters) of terrain that's dedicated to rugged mountain bike riding, 10 miles (16 kilometers) of cross-country courses, and a park for street-style riding—all under one roof. And if you aren't in the Cleveland area, gyms such as Cycle U in Seattle, Washington, and Off Road Indoor Cycling in Washington, D.C., feature cyclocross, road, and endurance-focused classes.

Indoor Surfing

Not only do wave simulators allow you to jump on your board without having to get into freezing water in your wetsuit—they also supply surfers with a never-ending flow of waves to shred on, so you never have to paddle around and wait. Wave simulators and indoor surf spots are becoming increasingly popular, such as The Wave House in San Diego, California, and the Aqua Shop in Plano, Texas.

Indoor Rec Leagues

Whether it's soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, rugby, or track that you'll be missing after summer fades, there are indoor rec leagues that offer your favorite sports year-round and will keep your skills fine-tuned throughout the cooler months. Often, you can sign up for rec leagues solo and be placed on a team (which is a great way to meet new friends!) or you can gather up a group and sign up for a league together. Check out leagues at your town's YMCA or local sports club.   

Indoor Skiing

Indoor skiing and snowboarding is a way to get your snow sports fix—no matter what the actual whether is like outdoors. Use ski ramps and belts to keep yourself in top condition during the off-season. Along with actual indoor skiing, you can also try out snow-sport themed classes that will help get your ski and snowboarding muscles ready for resort season, such as the Aspen Ascent class at Reebok Sports Club locations or the Skirobics class at Mini Mountain in Bellevue, Washington. Their focus on strength, balance, and endurance will have you ready to hit the slopes.

So whenever you are sad to see summer go, know that your beach body and your sense of adventure doesn't have to go with it!

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