April 26th, 2017

Why Four Wheel Bags Are Becoming More and More Popular

Why Four Wheel Bags Are Becoming More and More Popular

Interested in finding out why 4 wheel travel bags are taking off as the most popular type of travel luggage? Read on to find out more about the benefits of why 4 wheel luggage may just be the best type of bag for you on your travels!

1. Wrist-less

Being able to roll your roller bag on four wheels instead of two takes the weight off your wrist. Instead of having to tilt the bag forward and putting all the weight on your wrist (especially if you have a large suitcase that is loaded to the brim with stuff) you can just gently roll your luggage alongside or in front of you. There is absolutely no added pressure or colossal strength needed!

2. It’s a Stand-Up Kind of Bag

Four-wheel bags can support themselves much easier and stand up on their own without the weight causing them to topple over, unlike some two-wheel bags that are built too front heavy. This helps to alleviate the nuisance of having to pick your bag up off the floor if it tips over.

3. No Carry-On Commotion

Using a four-wheel carry-on is super convenient. When you’re boarding and deplaning, you can simply cruise down the aisle by gliding your bag sideways to push it in front of you. Finally, there’s no more awkward bumping into each seat, or person, when you’re on the way to your own. 4-wheels for the win!

4. Two-In-One

If you need to use a four-wheel bag as a two-wheel, like when needing to get it over a curb, you simply tilt it forward and pull it that way. It’s great to have double usage instead of being limited to one.

My Favorite Four-Wheeled Bags

  • The expandable Expanse™ AWD Carry-On is a fave because it can roll with the punches (pun intended!) The abrasion resistant material used for the entire Expanse™ collection allows for more protection against wear and tear,which is one of my biggest concerns when picking out a durable piece of luggage for my international travels! Plus it’s a carry-on, so I can take it with me on the plane for easy access.
  • The Tarmac AWD Carry-On is one of Eagle Creek’s top selling bags. It’s also expandable and has super tough All Wheel Drive wheels to handle any type of terrain. It’s definitely the go-to bag for those adventurous and rough-and-tumble type folks with water and abrasion resistant materials, plus durable protective wheeled housing and corner bumpers. It’s also got the brilliant integration of tablet and laptop carry.
  • Lastly, the Gear Warrior AWD 26 is AWESOME because not only does it have great mobility and an extra light carry, but I love how I can totally load it up and it still glides alongside with hardly any effort! Nothing is better than being able to fit everything you need in your bag and to wheel it everywhere you need to go, effortlessly.

Now that you know the benefits of a four-wheel bag, you’re equipped to go shopping! Happy travels!

Have any other ideas as to why a 4 wheel bag is better than a 2 wheel? Let us know in the comments below!

by Catharina Nilsson

Catharina is our current Marketing intern here at Eagle Creek and is very passionate about traveling to faraway places and immersing herself within different cultures. Her hopes and dreams include living in Europe/Australia, sharing her international experiences with a larger audience through writing for a company with an international focus, and gaining more experience working in the outdoors industry. She also loves yoga, long road trips (preferably along the coast), and country music.