August 13th, 2013

What to Pack for Your Beach Camping Trip

What to Pack for Your Beach Camping Trip

Whether you’re heading to a beach along a lake, river, or ocean, you are bound to run into water and sand. Bringing along the right gear makes the trip much easier.

Warm weather has arrived, and odds are the only thing you want to do is go straight to the nearest body of water and lounge on the sand. If you would prefer to avoid musty boardwalk hotels but still get in some quality beach time without breaking the bank, camping is the way to go. Whether you're traveling to an ocean or a river, with the right gear, beach camping will be a breeze. Beach campgrounds are in high demand, so make sure you start planning your trip early. Here are the six items you can’t leave home without. Water-resistant Duffels Let’s face the facts: Beaches are wet. While rain is a concern when camping anywhere, wet sand or a strong tide when you’re on a beach could leave you and all of your belongings soaked. So, before you decide what you need to pack, you’ll need a water-resistant bag to keep your gear and clothes dry. Packing Cubes Want to make sure your stuff is extra organized? Try packing cubes that are also water resistant. Never again will you waste time digging through your bag to find that one matching sock. Compression Sacs Whether it rains or not, you’re still going to have some wet stuff, like a bathing suit and sneakers. And if you start mixing your damp gear with your dry gear in your luggage, then everything is going to get damp! So pack a supply of compression bags to keep your wet stuff separate. Quick-Drying Towels There’s a good chance that you’ll be swimming, surfing, and/or snorkeling on your trip, so afterwards, you'll need to dry off. But instead of lugging around a giant beach towel that will take eons to dry, travel towels take up less space and are quick-drying, so they are ready to use whenever you decide to dive back in. Biodegradable Soap & Sun Shower Most campers, no matter how close they want to get to nature, need to bathe eventually. But regular shampoo and soap contain countless chemicals that can be harmful to the environment—they’re meant to decompose in soil and won’t break down in water. So if you want to wash up in a river, lake, or ocean during your trip, look for a biodegradable soap and a sun shower. Sun Protection Beach environments are harsh on the body. Don’t leave home with out sunscreen, Aloe vera, and SPF lip balm. Remember, apply sunscreen 45 minutes before you’re in the sun and reapply every hour or so after swimming or sweating. Kristen is a foodie and a wanderer born and raised in upstate New York. She currently resides in York, Pennsylvania, where she works as the food editor at The York Dispatch. Follow her on Twitter at @kjputch.

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