August 28th, 2014

What are the Best Uses of Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes?

What are the Best Uses of Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes?

Three days into your two-week trip, you check into your room, open your travel bag, and what started out as your neatly-folded-and-packed-just-so clothes and gear now looks like it's been raided by raccoons. So you unpack, re-sort, re-fold and re-pack, only to end up with the same jumbled mess a few days later. Rummaging through t-shirts, socks underwear and shoes to find your travel diary isn’t the adventure you had in mind, is it? Using packing organizers is a quick, easy way to bring order and harmony to your bag – and to your trip.

Of course you could freewheel it and try to organize your bag using old shoeboxes or zip lock bags, but homespun solutions usually just add to the chaos. Face it, unless your clothes, gear and travel accessories are properly corralled, they tend to wander, and before you know it, you’re traveling with a bag that looks like a rummage sale.

Pack-It Cubes. Get organized and get going.

How will you organize for packing?

When you pack for a trip, your clothes, shoes and accessories come from well-organized drawers, shelves and closets. But on the road, all those items have to share the same limited real estate inside your bag. Grouping items according to where they came from is a good place to start when deciding how and what to pack. You don’t keep your underwear with your shoes, or belts and electronics in a drawer with your pants. So separating them in your travel bag just make sense. Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes are specially designed for the job. They act like compact drawers and shelves in your bag, keeping similar items together and separating them into categories.

Where will you put all those little things?

Set of three black Eagle Creek packing organizers.One of the big challenges in staying organized on a trip is keeping track of the small things – your jewelry, small electronics, cords, headsets, pens, notebooks, belts, camera and sunglasses. Pack-It Cubes come in a variety of sizes to make the job easy. Roll your socks, scarves, belts and underwear and put them into a Half Cube. Roll your t-shirts, then compress and zip them into another. Don't forget your make up, and all your small odds and ends that seem to defy any category. For these smaller items, try a Quarter Cube. Everything will stay neat, organized and easy to find. And as a bonus, you’ll fit more into your travel bag!

Grossed out by packing dirty clothes with clean clothes?

Separating soiled from clean clothing has always been a challenge for the traveler. One solution is to launder soiled clothes daily, but that can get tiresome. The Pack-It Clean Dirty Cube solves the problem with one breathable compartment, and a second water-resistant compartment to hold in moisture and control odors. Sweaty stinky gym clothes? Wet bathing suit? No problem. With the Clean Dirty Cube you’ll go days between laundry stops and have more time for fun and adventure.

How do you keep shoes separate from clothes?

No matter how clean you keep your shoes, you don’t want them packed next to your clothes and accessories, but you can’t go without them so try zipping them inside a Shoe Cube, Sac or soft Shoe Pouches. Eagle Creek makes lots of organizers especially designed for the job. Your shoes and clothes will thank you.

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