April 10th, 2018

We're Going Back to Our Roots: Idyllwild

We're Going Back to Our Roots: Idyllwild

In an effort to continuously excite and inspire the Eagle Creek team, Senior Sales Director Tim McGuire chooses Idyllwild for Eagle Creek’s next Sales Meeting destination.

Curious, we went straight to the source to find out why.

So...why Idyllwild?

Planning the annual sales meeting is one of the most challenging things we do in Sales. Why? Because we always feel like we need to top the year before. Our sales reps have seen and done it all. They’re outdoor enthusiasts who travel and experience cool things all the time. How do we give them an experience that truly energizes them for the next selling season?

Well, this year we decided to go back to our roots. We’re taking the Eagle Creek sales, marketing and product teams to the birthplace of Eagle Creek: a tiny mountain town called Idyllwild.

Idyllwild, nestled high in the San Jacinto Mountains of California, was once a popular climbing destination in the West. It’s where Eagle Creek’s founders, Steve and Nona Barker, started the company in 1975. At the time they were designing backpacks and travel packs out of their Mountain People storefront, outfitting climbers on their way up Mt. San Jacinto. As the bags became more popular, the Barkers relocated the business to Solana Beach, CA and continued to grow the brand before selling it to VF Corporation in 2007.

Later this month, the Eagle Creek team will head up to Idyllwild to breathe in the brand’s heritage along with the cool mountain air. We’ll meet in Idyllwild’s Rustic Theater and tell stories around the fireplace at the Sliver Pines Inn. We’ll send the sales reps out on a fun scavenger hunt throughout the city and maybe hike a few local trails.

The Find Your Unknown trailer will also make a stop in Idyllwild on its way to the Stagecoach Festival in Coachella, on the other side of the mountain.

At Eagle Creek, we love pushing people out of their comfort zones. A few days in rustic quarters will certainly do that, but more importantly, it will give our team a taste of the early days of a brand that was built the promise of making innovative gear that works well, fits well and lasts.

You can always book a sales meeting in an airport hotel. We know our team will Find Their Unknown in Idyllwild.  

-- Tim McGuire, Eagle Creek Sr. Sales Director


by Eagle Creek

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