October 20th, 2013

Urban Adventures in Boston

Urban Adventures in Boston

Bean town may be steeped in American history, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend your whole vacation visiting cultural landmarks! Get a more adventurous perspective of the city’s sights by signing up for these quirky Boston tours, runs and excursions!

When visiting Boston, you could take a walking tour that guides you through the city’s historic landmarks, but what do you do once you’re done? If you love experiencing an adventure when you travel, try something more…energizing. Here are three unique and exciting ways to get a feel for your surroundings when taking a trip to Bean Town.  Go on a Scavenger Hunt Just download the SCVNGR app for iPhone or Android and type in your location: Boston. It’ll direct you to different spots, such as restaurants, airports, and gardens, where you can participate in challenges to earn points and unlock rewards. For instance, a challenge might be: Fold up your burrito wrapper into an origami swan and take a photo of it. Start by heading to Mr. Dooley’s Boston Tavern at 77 Broad Street, and if you earn 15 points, you get a free appetizer. Download the app for more details. Get Spooked by Witches If you’re brave enough, take a day trip by coach bus to the nearby city of Salem. Pretend you’re living in the 17th century and visit the Salem Witch Museum to learn about the history of the infamous witch trials. (Schedule your trip on a Friday the 13th just to make it extra eerie!) You’ll also get to see the Salem Custom House, where paperwork was processed for harbor ships importing and exporting goods—it’s where Nathaniel Hawthorne, author of The Scarlet Letter, used to work. Additionally, the bus stops in Marblehead, the birthplace of the American Navy. So there’s lots to see! Take a High-Speed Thrill Ride on the Water For a cool view of the city skyline, take a heart-pumping voyage on the one and only “Codzilla.” Zoom over ocean waves in this red speedboat that’s adorned with Jaws-like teeth at speeds up to 40 miles per hour (65 kmh). Be prepared for wind, blaring music, and splashes as the 70-foot (21 m) boat, which uses diesel engines and 2,800 horsepower, takes sharp turns. There are 135 seats on this large vessel, but tickets go fast, so book early.  Sign Up for an Adventure Race While most mud runs take you outside the big city to test your mettle, the Spartan Sprint Fenway takes place inside Boston’s most legendary ball field (which just celebrated it’s 100th birthday last year). Entrants will have to face muddy pathways, obstacles, trail racing, physical challenges and mental challenges over a 3.1-mile (5 km) course. Once you’ve completed it, you can say you’ve “played,” Fenway—and you’ll definitely get bragging rights!  What are your favorite things to do in Boston?  Jane Bianchi is a freelance writer who has worked for a variety of national magazines, including Seventeen, Family Circle, and Good Housekeeping. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.  Featured Products Pack-It Sac Large Switchback 22 ORV Trunk 30 Related Posts  Top Urban Adventures in Rio de Janeiro  America’s Top River Adventures Adventure Cruise Ideas: 4 Exotic Small Ship Itineraries

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