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November 29th, 2017

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Scuba Divers

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Scuba Divers

If the diver in your life already has all the necessary gear, choosing a marine-themed holiday gift can be a challenge. From boat-proof kit bags to waterproof car seat savers, we’ve put together some unique scuba gift ideas guaranteed to delight.


For anyone who regularly feels the urge to submerge themselves beneath the ocean waves, the fact that 70% of our earth is covered in water means that they’re never in short supply of opportunities to dive. That could be part of the reason why this underwater activity feels less like a hobby and more like a calling for scuba divers.

Just like there is an abundance of water, there are an abundance of holiday gift ideas if you’re shopping for a scuba diver this holiday season. Take the opportunity to improve their dive experience in and out of the water with these eight unique, functional, and quirky scuba-themed gifts.

Scuba Apparel

If the scuba diver in your life loves to proudly display their underwater addiction, scuba apparel such a surf shirt, slogan t-shirt, or rash-vest would make a great gift. Surf travel and adventure brand Reef offers a range of ocean-themed clothing; the Reef View Tank is one of my favorites.

Toiletry Travel Organizer

For the serious scuba diver, live aboard trips (where divers live aboard a dive boat and dive up to six times a day), are the ultimate in oceanic retreats. Living for one to two weeks on a boat requires more than a little forward planning, so a compact, lightweight toiletry organizer is a must to ensure no creature comforts are forgotten.

Fish Identification Book

Choose a fish identification book for the younger diver and help educate them about the wealth of marine life living in our oceans. Every scuba diver undertakes basic fish identification training at the destination where they learn to dive, and each new dive site offers the opportunity to spot and identify exciting new species!

Packing Cubes

With so many pieces of equipment integral to breathing underwater, a set of water repellant packing cubes is a smart way to divide the various elements amongst their kit bag, while adding an additional layer of protection against bangs and scrapes that come with carting them to dive sites across the globe.

Cold Weather Base Layers

Not all scuba fans are fair weather divers. With plenty of inspiring cold-water dive sites in destinations like Iceland, New Zealand, and Canada, a set of quick drying, thermal lined base layers would make a fabulous gift for a diver who enjoys getting seriously chilled. Bonus: it’s a gift that comes in handy right away!

Thermal Shoes

This may sound like the ideal gift for a camping enthusiast, but shore divers and boat divers will also appreciate a gift to warm up their feet after a stint in the water. Thermal-lined shoes such as the those in the Thermoball range from North Face are a luxury they will cherish once they’re out of the water.

Durable Gear Bag

When hauling kit to and from a boat or shore dive, a functional, durable bag is a necessity. A big win for divers who own all their own gear, a large, wheeled, water resistant cargo hauler that can hold the required 80+ pounds of equipment and be washed out after a day on the water would be a much-appreciated gift.

Waterproof Car Seat Covers

Even the most enthusiastic diver is not enthusiastic about carrying that scuba smell in their car. For shore divers who spend a large amount of time driving to their dive destinations, waterproof car seat savers will not only prevent their car seats from soaking up soon-to-be stagnent water, but will also help reduce the risk of water and sand damage to their vehicle. These light, multi-use covers can be washed out after every day spent diving.

Seen any other exciting scuba-themed gifts you think other divers would like? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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by Charli Moore

Charli Moore is an adventure enthusiast who has been location independent since 2011. A freelance writer and editor of the travel blog Wanderlusters, she has a penchant for adrenaline highs and crunchy peanut butter. Follow her on Instagram to feed your wanderlust. 

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