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September 21st, 2016

Travel: How Eagle Creek Makes a Global Impact

Travel: How Eagle Creek Makes a Global Impact

Eagle Creek doesn't just talk about giving back. Through giving money and time off to employees for service projects, partnering with charitable nonprofits, and more, the company practices what it preaches—on a global scale.


Anywhere you go in the world, you will probably to see some fellow travelers and adventurers hauling Eagle Creek travel gear. What is less visible, but just as present, is the positive impact that Eagle Creek is having around the world through its focus on global consciousness.

The company enjoys distributing $60,000+ annually—funding both domestic and international charities and conservation efforts.

Learn more about organizations Eagle Creek partners with to make a positive difference.

Helping Communities Access Clean Water

Honoring World Water Day on March 22, 2016, and recognizing that more than 2.4 billion people across the globe live without easy access to clean, safe water, Eagle Creek partnered with a company called packH20. packH20 produces a 5 gallon water backpack that can be used to transport and decontaminate water by using mere sunlight. To date, packH20 has distributed 200,000+ water backpacks across five continents and 40 countries to families who don't have access to clean water, helping nearly 1 million people.

In March in 2016, Eagle Creek ran a campaign that paired product purchase with water backpack donation in order to donate packH20 water backpacks. The brand's customer base responded tenfold and the campaign was a huge success. Together, the brand and its customers were able to provide 1,023 water backpacks and thereby positively affect 5,115 lives. In addition, the brand donated $5,000 to help operations in Kenya get off the ground with the purchase of a heavy-duty sewing machine to bring the manufacture of the water packs in-country.

Learn more about this campaign.

Encouraging Service Trips

Have you ever wanted to pack your bags and go build a house with Habitat for Humanity in Costa Rica? Or teach English to kids in South Korea? What about researching coral reefs in the Seychelles? Perhaps you have the desire, but in reality, it's hard to make the time for these types of ventures.

Well, Eagle Creek takes away that excuse—in a major way. Through its "Voluntour" program, the company offers employees an incredibly unique perk: one additional week off per year to go volunteer somewhere in world. This program also includes a $500 stipend to fund the charitable endeavor. In 2016, Eagle Creek has supported employees in their volunteer efforts with Mayan Families, Help Them Help Themselves, Big City Mountaineers, and more.

Lending Money to Those in Need

In addition to financial and product support, Eagle Creek donates funds to and encourages employees to allocate those funds to international initiatives that resonate their personal values. For instance, the sales team has lent money to a group of farmers in Mali so they could purchase sheep, raise them for eight months and then resell them. The operations team sent a loan to a woman in Jordan so she could buy new plowing equipment and food for her horse. And the customer service team lent money to a person in Kenya who needed to buy more charcoal to sell to his community. Little by little, these loans help those who are struggling get back on their feet and create a better life for themselves.

By using the Internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva’s mission is to help end poverty by empowering others and promoting entrepreneurship. Eagle Creek has been proud to partner with them for over 5 years.

Find out more the generous steps that Eagle Creek is taking to leave its mark on the world and (hopefully) inspire other organizations to follow suit.

Do you work for a company that also has a focus on volunteering and making the world a better place? Share what specific steps your organization is taking to inspire others, below!

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by Luke Maguire Armstrong

Luke Maguire Armstrong is the author of “The Nomad’s Nomad”, a travelogue featuring a raccoon mauling, run-ins with Narco Traffickers, and kids playing the most dangerous game on earth. He has worked in various educational development projects over the past decade and is currently working to fund a recently opened education center in Guatemala through the year.

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