May 9th, 2013

Travel Gift Guide: 10 Ideas for 2013 Graduates

Travel Gift Guide: 10 Ideas for 2013 Graduates

Give the gift of happier, safer travel to a guy or girl about to take on the world!

It’s the first day of the rest of their life – and you’ve got to find the perfect present. What could be a better gift than something—that inspires, eases or helps document their post-collegiate explorations of the world we live in? Before you start you’re online shopping, check these 10 ideas for tokens of congratulations to the travel-loving graduate.

1. A Book that Inspires Wanderlust
Nothing gets a future traveler fired up like flipping through a book that feature images of—and cultural insights into—229 countries and destinations. Lonely Planet’s The Travel Book will be the ideal inspiration for a travel-loving graduate…not to mention a coffee table conversation-starter between trips!

2. A Reliable Rolling Duffel Bag

When it comes time to break out the boarding pass, nothing aside from the destination is as important as the luggage. Eagle Creek’s No Matter What™ Rolling Duffel has wheels that makes rolling in and out of airports a breeze, and a large capacity that makes overpacking a fear of the past—but make sure not to go over weight. Best of all, a top-end warranty ensures this duffle will last long after the ink on the diploma dries.

3. A Creativity-Boosting Travel Journal

The act of writing will be familiar to any college grad, but the art form will take on new meaning while recording special post-collegiate trips. This particular journal includes sections on Planning, Weekends Away, Wish Lists, Short Trips and Long Trips. As a bonus, reference pages contain essential reminders about time zones, temperature conversions, and international airport codes.

4. Water on The Go

Traveling is far from the most ecologically friendly activity (hello, carbon footprint!) but there are ways to make your graduate’s trip friendlier to both wallet and earth. The SteriPEN eliminates the need to buy plastic bottled water by making tap water from around the globe safe to drink. This magic little gadget sterilizes a liter of water in just 90 seconds.

5. A Travel Pillow and Eyemask

Let’s face it – air travel ain’t what it used to be, anything you can do to make the trip more comfortable will be greatly appreciated. Give the gift of a decent in flight nap with a 2-in-1 travel pillow and eye mask set. There’s nothing like arriving in a destination relaxed and refreshed to get a trip started on the right foot!

6. A Secure Laptop Lock

Peace of mind about the security of expensive belongings on the road is the ultimate gift. This light and simple laptop lock allows travelers to tether their computer to a desk, hotel bed or any other fixed structure with the click of a button and the twist of a lock.

7. Keychain WiFi Detector

Who needs postcards? Today, updating friends and family at home is as easy as finding the nearest wireless signal. This key-chain device can detect wifi from up to 200 feet away, and guarantees that the ability to check in with the parents, update Facebook and send some travel photos to friends is never too far away.

8. Brag-Worthy Scratch-Off Map

Once the graduate starts putting these items to good use and racking up the passport stamps or state line crossings, they’ll love showing off their travels with this world map. Areas visited are scratched off to reveal fun pops of color and new bragging rights, all in the form of the perfect wall art for a first apartment.

9. Dual Wattage International Converter Set

Put and end to your favorite grad hunting around in a new country for adapters to make all their various electronics play nice with a new country—this all-in-one adaptor set works across the globe. With five different plugs and compatibility with over 150 different countries electrical systems – packing just got easier.

10. Essential Travel and Day-to-Day Organization

There’s nothing more irritating than ripping apart an entire suitcase to find a single sock. Pack-It™ Cubes make that particular packing frustration a thing of the past. Not only do these must-haves make a backpack as organized as a closet, they also save space and simplify.

Alexandra Baackes is a traveling writer, designer, and underwater videographer. She is currently in her second year of living as a full-time nomad.

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