June 29th, 2015

Three of Europe's Greatest Adventures for 2015

Europe is no stranger to great adventures. Fabled for the depths of its culture and history, the Old Continent is ripe with incredible countries to explore. From the grand soviet-era architecture of Russia to the opulent mosques of Turkey, the sparkling Grecian coastline to the pastel-coloured towns of Italy’s Cinque Terre – there’s surely too much here to squeeze into a lifetime.

Still, if you’ve decided that you want to try and see as much of Europe as is humanly possible, but find yourself a little stumped when it comes to narrowing it down to actual countries (there is, after all, so many to choose from), this little trio might come in handy.  

1. Walking the Amalfi Coast, Italy          

Surely one Europe’s best coastlines, we don’t think there’s any finer way to take in the Amalfi Coast than on a string of short walking adventures. Start in Naples and experience wonderful Italian hospitality whilst sampling the magnificent cuisine before heading onwards to explore Pompeii – where the tracks of ancient chariots are embedded in the streets. Imagine that.

Whilst in the region, we also recommend a hike along the incredible Sentiero degli Dei (Footpath of the Gods) through forests and wildflower fields, past ancient stone huts and alongside huge walls of granite. You must also be sure to spend time in Amalfi itself, from where the culture-rich town of Atrani, the Isle of Capri, the Valle dei Mulini (Valley of the Watermills) and more are all easily discoverable.

For the kind of vacation that you’ll be talking about for years to come, the Amalfi Coast is a strong candidate.

2. Exploring the highlights of Iceland

At the top of the world, on a moon-like landscape of gushing geysers and ice-covered volcanoes, sits Europe’s most magical island. A natural phenomenon and a close encounter of the most primitive kind, a trip to Iceland sees even the most mundane of life’s activities transform into wondrous adventures. In the north, bath time becomes a soak in an ancient, geothermal hot spring and a quiet night in puts you beneath the colorful aurora borealis.

From the cosmopolitan capital of Reykjavik, one may set out towards Ísafjörður for sky-high glaciers and local Icelandic delicacies, the Blue Lagoon or the isles of Husavik. And when the mud pools meet the lava desert, you’ll know it’s time to cross the Arctic to explore the splendors of Grimsey Island. But while the vistas may be glacial and the temperature below freezing, the disarming warmth of the local Icelanders is enough to thaw even the coldest of traveler’s hearts.                         

3. Discovering Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast

Dubrovnik, although haunted by the ravages of war, remains a beautiful example of a classic European walled city.  Walking the walls offers mind-boggling views of the infinite Adriatic Sea and surrounding natural splendor. History abounds around every corner and despite the town’s loveliness, reminders of Dubrovnik’s dramatic past are never far from view  - a fact that lends the town an intriguing depth.

The seafood in Croatia is also brilliant, owing to the country’s proximity to the sparkling Adriatic, so memorable dining experiences aren’t hard to come by. You can make the most of this proximity in other ways too, by planning trips out to Hvar, Mljet and Lokrum Islands – all well worth the boat ride.

And then, of course, there’s Split: the UNESCO World Heritage Site nestled in the northwest corner of the Dalmatian Coast. Here, you can take in pre-Roman churches and Gothic chapels in one go, explore the incredible Diocletian’s Palace, and marvel at the spectacular views across the town’s harbour.

If you’re after some of Europe’s most incredible coastlines but don’t want to sacrifice history, Croatia, and the Dalmatian Coast, should be at the top of your list.

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