August 15th, 2017

Summer in the City: 6 Days in NYC

Summer in the City: 6 Days in NYC

Hey there! This is Jessica, Eagle Creek’s resident lover of all things travel and sharer of massive amounts of packing tips. ;-)

This summer, I headed to New York City for 6 days of jam-packed fun, food, and culture. If you want to see how I packed for this trip, watch my How to Pack for NYC video here. Below are a couple of my trip highlights. Tell me what else you love to do in the city, so next time I’m in town I can check out some new spots!

I know it seems basic, but I nixed the subway and took a taxi from JFK into Manhattan. Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge in a taxi was absurdly exciting. Because, folks, this is New York we’re talking about!

The coast-to-coast flight allowed me to get caught up on my sleep, so that when I landed I was ready to check-in to my hotel and dash down to Broadway! I saw Carole King’s musical Beautiful - the perfect way to spend my first night in the Big Apple!

On my second full day in the city, I wandered across an awesome Farmer's Market in Union Square. It's a super lively market with lots of vibrant produce, cheeses, freshly baked breads, and flowers. I visited this market a couple of times just because the energy of the place was so cool.

Fuel up at all the local coffee shops! There's so many eclectic spots to see. Right here I'm at the yummy Blank Slate. (Not pictured here: coffee). (Pictured: rice krispie treat goodness). 

There’s nothing quite like the energy (or the heat) of summer in the city. Here I am rocking my rad Converge™ Backpack (And yes, that was a product plug).

More food! Wherever in the world I’m visiting, I like to eat what’s local to the area. But when I’m in NYC, I try to take advantage of all the yummy, international options. I came across a charming place in Park Slope that served Turkish coffee, pastries, and my favorite, Turkish Delight!

I’ll let you all in on a secret: I’m an old soul, which also makes me a theater person. Especially, when it comes to musicals. Even though Hello Dolly was sold out, I stood in line at the Shubert and got a ticket five minutes before the show. And it was half price! Guys, it was totally worth it- the show was amazing. Bette Middler ended up winning the Tony for her role as Dolly Levi.

The next morning, I grabbed brunch at Miriam (I told you: I love food). I ordered the Israeli Breakfast, which is two eggs, Labneh cheese, home fries, Israeli salad and pita. It was all incredibly delicious!

The great thing about NYC is that no matter where you stay, you can walk anywhere you need to go. I switched from my hotel to an AirBnB mid-stay, which took me from Manhattan to Park Slope. I loved exploring this Brooklyn neighborhood and walking to Prospect Park.

No matter how short your stay is, a stroll through the city’s Botanical Gardens is an absolute must!

Do you have any other must see places or things to do in NYC in the summertime? Leave them in the comments below!

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