February 3rd, 2015

Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts for Travelers

Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts for Travelers


We searched high and low to find gifts that are not only perfect for travelers, but also thoughtful and romantic—making them perfect for Valentine's Day. We didn't even know items this unique and personal even existed! Whether your partner is into customized sand jewelry or heart-shaped travel tools, we've done the hard work for you this Valentine's Day. (You can thank us later with some chocolates.) Steal the following tips to wow your significant other this year.


One of the most annoying things to pack as a woman is perfume. Most perfume bottles are too large to legally put in a carry-on bag—but if you put it in your checked luggage, do you want to risk an entire bottle breaking? Solve this problem by giving her Lisa Hoffman's beautiful scented necklace. This romantic piece of jewelry comes with scented beads that are held within the locket, so she'll smell like roses at all times. (MSRP $65)


Men like to smell good, too! And women love it when they do, so by giving him cologne, you are giving yourself a treat, too. But don’t settle for any old scent. If he's a traveler, he should have a scent that’s masculine and trendy, like Rock and Republic's men's fragrance. (From MSRP $29)


If you're the couple that has to take kissing selfies everywhere you go, the Une Bobine tripod from Fuse Chicken is the perfect gift for your loved one. The best part is that this tripod is also a charging cable, so it's a sweet gesture and an extremely practical gift. Now your loved one can pack one less item, and we all know that extra room in the suitcase is an extra special bonus. (From MSRP $35)

Phone Case

If your partner is endearingly clumsy, face the facts: You can't stop him or her from dropping a smartphone. But what you can do is provide protection for this prized possession by gifting him or her with a durable phone case. The OtterBox Preserver case will protect your significant other’s phone from water and accidents, so he or she has less to worry about and can focus his or her energy on you this Valentine's Day. (MSRP $89.95)

Travel Blanket

Give your loved one the gift of warmth this Valentine's Day with Eagle Creek's Compact Travel Throw. Whether your significant other is on a plane, couch, or in an unfamiliar hotel bed, every time they wrap themselves in this soft quilted blanket, they'll think of you. (MSRP $49)

Messenger Bag

Get the sophisticated traveler in your life a bag that matches his lifestyle.  Help him fly through the security screenings by using Eagle Creek's Convertabrief, a carry-on bag that has pockets for both his laptop and tablet and opens flat on a conveyer belt so he doesn’t have to remove either gadget. Slip a little love note inside for a romantic touch. (MSRP $175).


This Valentine's Day, show her that she can keep her belongings safe without sacrificing style. She can wear this Sholdit Original as a chic infinity scarf and stash her valuables, like her money and her phone, in its hidden pockets. Traveling securely never looked so good, and she will have you to thank for that. (MSRP $49.99)


Do you have a special beach memory with your significant other? Perhaps it's your wedding day, your honeymoon, or the second home that you purchased together? If so, this gift will blow her mind. Dune Jewelry Design collects sand from all over the world to put into jewelry. With this set of stackable rings, you can choose what special place you want your sand to come from, and if the company doesn't have sand from that particular location, you can send in your own! Pretty cool, huh? (MSRP $40 for one ring or $120 for three)


If anything is as thoughtful as those rings, it’s this Latitude Longitude Pendant. Pick a location—such as the place that you met, the venue where you got married, or the spot where you had your first date—and the designers will engrave the coordinates of that spot onto this necklace, allowing her to always keep that special place close to her heart, even if she's far away from it. (MSRP $175)

Have you found the perfect present to show your traveling mate? If so, share your thoughts in the comments below to share the love!

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