July 18th, 2017

Protecting the Pacific Crest Trail

Protecting the Pacific Crest Trail

Eagle Creek is excited to partner with the Pacific Crest Trail Association this year as part of their P3 program, which sponsors 10 thru-hikers on the PCT in an effort to protect, preserve, and promote good stewardship while on the trail.

“What makes P3 unique is an emphasis on PCT stewardship—hence the three P’s: Protect, Preserve, and Promote,” said Scott Wilkinson, PCTA’s director of communications and marketing. “As the PCT becomes more popular, it’s more important than ever for hikers to minimize their impact on the trail. We believe this extraordinary group of P3 Hikers will inspire a wide audience through their photos and stories from the trail.”

For those not familiar with the Pacific Crest Trail, the trail spans 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon and Washington. While many hikers and outdoor enthusiasts escape to the trail for weekend camping trips or day hikes, only a select few embark on the entire journey. These brave individuals experience the beauty of the desert, the expanses of the Sierra Nevada, the deep forests, and incredible views of the volcanic peaks in the Cascade Range.

In addition to sharing the P3 hikers’ stories through social media, we also used these thru-hikers as product testers for our all new Pack-It Specter Tech™ Collection. These lightweight organizers are the perfect items for keeping your pack organized, but your weight down, on a long-distance hike. And with the ability to survive the Pacific Crest Trail, these packing organizers have been tried and tested to meet Eagle Creek standards.

 “Our sponsors’ generous support of the PCTA helps protect the Pacific Crest Trail,” said Angie Williamson, PCTA’s director of philanthropy. “Beyond advocating for the trail, P3 will also highlight their leadership and support for the PCT community.”

P3 Hiker Laura Johnston, an environmental conservation professional from Springfield, Virginia, hiked the entire Appalachian Trail last year. “The PCT is a trail that most people only dream of seeing,” she said. “I want to share the importance of its history, its beauty, and its ecology—and its accessibility to those who seek it.”

P3 Hiker J.J. King, from Moran, Wyoming, is a retired U.S. Navy captain who is now a seasonal ranger for the National Park Service. “Promoting a greater awareness into the fragility of this iconic trail,” he says, “will ensure that this current generation of hikers will leave it unimpaired for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations of outdoor enthusiasts.”

Stay in touch with all the P3 thru-hikers through the PCTA P3 blog, as well as the Eagle Creek Instagram!

All photos from the trail by P3 hiker, Owen Rojek.

Have any favorites sections of the Pacific Crest Trail, or advice for future thru-hikers? Leave them in the comments below!

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