July 8th, 2015

Product Spotlight: Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport™

Product Spotlight: Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport™


It's unfortunate but true: There are few places smellier than the inside of your gym bag. No matter how many dryer sheets, deodorizers, or air fresheners you may throw in there, people can likely smell that thing coming from a mile away. While the conspicuous stink does scream, “I go to the gym!” to everyone in your midst, a t-shirt from your favorite fitness studio will give you the same exercise badge of honor without wilting every daisy in a 60-foot radius.

Fortunately, there’s a solution that doesn’t involve becoming sedentary. Introducing Pack-It Sport™, featuring Agion® Antimicrobial-treated fabric that prevents odor-causing microbial growth.

Eagle Creek’s new Pack-It Sport™ series has everything that you need to prevent and contain workout odor, along with an easy system to keep your wet and dry gear organized on the go. Learn how it’s going to help you keep your #fitspo up and your gym bag organized.

Pack Your Shoes Properly

Your trusty gym shoes have probably clocked many miles on a treadmill, and have likely walked or jogged on several paths and trails as well. They’ve grown so used to your feet, in fact, that they now smell like them. Wrap up those bad boys in a Pack-It Sport™ Shoe Locker. Coming in two sizes (Large and Regular), these shoe sacs allow you to zip the stink in when transporting them in your gym bag, and air them out when they are safely home. Thanks to the Agion® Antimicrobial-treated fabric, these sacs even prevent odor-causing microbial growth, keeping these shoe lockers cleaner for longer.

Keep Wet Stuff Away from Dry Stuff

Your gym bag carries clothes on all ends of the moisture spectrum, from tomorrow’s dry running shorts to this morning’s soaked Bikram yoga tank top. While it's a good idea to get that hot yoga attire in the laundry ASAP, keep it separated until then in the two adjustable and water-resistant compartments of the Pack-It Sport™ Wet/Dry Fitness Locker. Have more gear to tote? Not a problem. There’s room for shoes, towels, and more in the Pack-It Sport™ Kit, which features a main zippered compartment and an elasticized side pocket. Giving you even more organizing options, the Pack-It Sport™ Roll Top Sac is perfect for separating items in a pack or duffel.

Protect Your Nice Clothes

Keep your work clothes neat and tidy during your pre-work sweat session by stashing them in a Pack-It Sport™ Garment Envelope within your gym bag. This lifesaver, which is made of antimicrobial treated fabric, will keep your business attire organized, wrinkle-free, clean, and smelling great.

Make It Easy To Find Things

Pack-It Sport™ sacs and pouches can help you organize your belongings, so you're not constantly feeling around your bag for your headphones. Keep your workout gear sectioned in one place with a Pack-It Sport™ Fitness Locker. Do you swim laps? The Pack-It Sport™ Wet Zip Pouch will keep that chlorinated moisture in one place—and away from your dry items. Have a slew of fitness tech living in a tangle at the bottom of your bag? The Pack-It Sport™ Mini Stuffer Set will keep your keys, heart rate monitor, ear buds, and more neat.

Freshen Up More Efficiently

Once you're done with your workout and it's time to clean yourself up, reach for all your toiletries in one place in the Pack-It Sport™ Quick Trip, which has two zippered side pockets for the small stuff and a fabric coated with thermoplastic polyurethane to withstand that mystery liquid on the gym countertop. If your gym is short on counter space, hang your toiletries with a Pack-It Sport™ Wallaby, which features a stow-away swivel non-slip hook.

Between Washes

Gym stink isn’t relegated to just your gym bag—it can take over your whole home if you’re not careful. Keep your sweaty laundry on lock down with the Pack-It Sport™ Laundry Stuffer, which is built for the smelliest of gym clothes. The mesh top, which is coated with thermoplastic polyurethane, provides water-resistance, odor containment, and lots of visibility, so you can see what's inside it.

Are you ready to check out what the Eagle Creek Pack-It Sport™ series has to offer? Shop the collection here!

Caila Ball-Dionne is a freelance writer and full-time travel enthusiast. You can find more of her writing at CailaBall.com

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by Caila Ball-Dionne

Caila Ball-Dionne is a freelance writer and full-time travel enthusiast. You can find more of her writing at CailaBall.com.