October 25th, 2015

Product Spotlight: The Dos and Don’ts of Organizing a Convertabrief

Product Spotlight: The Dos and Don’ts of Organizing a Convertabrief


If you’re a serious business traveler, you need a serious briefcase. Sure, a two-compartment leather bag is great for going to and from the office, but when you’re trudging through airports, working on planes, and living (albeit temporarily) at hotels, you need something that can keep up with you — and keep you organized.  Eagle Creek’s Convertabrief was built for frequent flier mile-obsessed travelers like you: It’s made of durable Bi-Tech™ fabric, boasts three carry options — backpack straps, adjustable cross-body shoulder strap, and a grab handle — and has Eagle Creek’s All-Ways Secure™ Functionality.

And perhaps most importantly, the Convertabrief is an organized traveler’s dream, designed with pouches, electronic sleeves, compartments, and other innovative features for efficient packing, working, and moving.

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your Convertabrief with these follow these dos and don’ts.

Do: Carry it On.

The Convertabrief fits easily under airplane seats, making it the perfect sized carry-on personal item. Fill it with things you know you’ll want to access during the flight — such as your eReader, tablet, headphones, and laptop — to avoid having to take out your overhead bag mid-flight.

Don’t: Take Your Laptop Out at Security…

…unless your friendly TSA agent insists, that is. Every time you hurriedly unpack and re-pack your computer, liquids, and pocket change at security, you run the risk of losing or leaving something behind. The Convertabrief features a checkpoint-friendly laptop and tablet compartment — that fits most electronic devices up to 17” — with a butterfly-style opening, so you won’t need to remove these devices in the security line.

Do: Keep Your Documents Pristine.

If printed documents are important enough to pack, they are important enough to pack correctly. Store them in the Convertabrief’s internal document slip pocket to avoid a crumpled mess upon arrival.

Don’t: Cover Your Items With Ink.

A floating pen can do even more damage to the contents of a travel bag than a leaky shampoo bottle. Store your (capped) pens safely in their handy designated slots to avoid an ink disaster. (PS: You’ll still want to keep those leaky toiletries separated from everything else with silicone bottles!).

Do: Store Your Electronic Devices Safely.

No matter how careful you are while traveling, your bag will likely get jostled during your trip. Make sure expensive laptops and tablets are stored in the “digital safe zone” of the Convertabrief, which has padded, e-fleece lined compartments for both a laptop and tablet. The bag also features an easy-to-access slide pocket for your phone.

Don’t: Let Loose Chargers Become a Wire Knot.

When it comes to traveling with technology, there are few things more frustrating than having to detangle a knot of chargers, headphones, and cables. Carefully wrap all of your cords before putting them in your bag (you can secure them with a twist tie, or wrap them around a small cord winder), and make use of the Convertabrief’s different compartments to keep them separated. Put large chargers — such as computer chargers — in the front exterior pockets, and smaller cords in the interior electronics pocket. Are you a walking electronics store when you travel? Keep even more organized with an eTools Organizer.

Do: Zip Up.

Prevent packed items from making a breakaway with the Convertabrief’s self-repairing zippers on the main compartments. The zippers are also lockable, so you can rest easy knowing your valuables are safe from prying hands.

Don’t: Lose Your Keys!

When you arrive home after a long and exhausting business trip, the last thing you want to do is have to empty out your briefcase to find your house keys that got buried on the bottom. Instead, keep them on the attached key fob, where you’ll be able to access them quickly and easily.

Do: Stack Your Luggage.

Sometimes those walks through the airport to your gate can feel like miles — even more so if you’re carrying a heavy bag on your shoulder.  Make things easier on yourself by sliding the Convertabrief securely onto your rolling luggage handle with the back slip panel.

Don’t: Worry.

The Convertabrief is backed by Eagle Creek’s No Matter What™ Warranty. If anything goes wrong with it, repairs and replacements are covered.

Are you a seasoned business traveler? Let us know your tips for travel organization in the comment section below! 

Caila Ball-Dionne is a freelance writer and full-time travel enthusiast. You can find more of her writing at CailaBall.com.​

by Caila Ball-Dionne

Caila Ball-Dionne is a freelance writer and full-time travel enthusiast. You can find more of her writing at CailaBall.com.