July 31st, 2015

Product Spotlight: All Ways Secure: Story of the New Day Travelers

Product Spotlight: All Ways Secure: Story of the New Day Travelers


At Eagle Creek, we are all about peace of mind. To start with, our craftsmanship gives you the confidence that any bag you pack is going to withstand any bumps along the road. We even back this quality promise with our Lifetime Warranty. Peace of mind comes standard with all Eagle Creek products.

That said, sometimes peace of mind takes more than a well-crafted bag. Sometimes it means protecting travelers against travel dangers outside the bag. Our newest line of All Ways Secure™ Day Travelers™ are built with the latest innovations that prevent those external dangers with a three-prong approach. Our anti-theft, digital safe-zone, and personal safety features of the All Ways Secure™ Day Travelers keep travelers safe. And with all the versatile style options, we’re positive you’ll find one that will fit your lifestyle, whether for your around the world travels or day-to-day commuting.


Whether on a walk to the office or a round-the-world journey, there is no easier way to throw a wrench in a trip than falling victim to theft.  With that in mind, All Ways Secure™ bags take extra measures to ensure that the items you put in your bag stay in your bag – until you want them out, that is. All Ways Secure™ bags feature at least one Anti-Theft feature, but sometimes more. Features like Secure Zip™ Toggles and lockable zippers to keep unwanted hands out of your bag, a Central Lock Point for that extra security, or a Passport-sized RFID Blocker pocket to help keep your information yours – and yours alone.

Actually, let’s back up. Have you ever heard of RFID? If not, let me enlighten you. In this new era of digital crime, theft can be harder to instantly detect. Today, in addition to your physical valuables, your digitalvaluables are vulnerable to thieves (think credit cards and Passport information). RFID scanners can steal your personal information without your wallet ever going missing. Scary, isn’t it? The All Ways Secure™ series has evolved to protect you from this new threat, which is why select styles have an RFID Blocker Pocket to prevent those RFID readers from stealing personal information.

Digital Safe-Zone

If you’ve ever cracked a smartphone screen, you know that you can actually be your technology’s own worst enemy. The All Ways Secure™ Day Travelers™ are built with drops and bumps in mind, and have soft padded sleeve(s) to keep electronics in place and protected. Store your laptop, tablet, and cell phone in dedicated All Ways Secure™ secure spots.

Personal Safety

While the All Ways Secure™ Day Travelers™ are doing their best to protect your belongings, they were also designed to keep you safe! Each bag at least one Personal Safety feature to help protect you. Features like reflectivity, integrated loops to attach lights or reflectors to make you more visible to bicycles and cars, and if you need to signal danger, some styles even come equipped with a safety whistle.

Versatile Style

These bags are certainly safe, but what about style? No to worry! We’ve got that covered, too, with sleek, modern options for whatever your daypack preference. The Guide Pro Courier RFID will have you around town – or around the world – in style with an adjustable cross-body shoulder strap (MSRP $60). The Catch-All Courier Pack RFID boasts of not only the cross-body street style, but also some tuck-away backpack straps for wherever your journey may take you (MSRP $80). For more casual style, the Tablet Sling has a padded breathable mesh back panel for comfortable carry (MSRP $60). Looking for more of a business-ready look? The Straight Up Business Brief RFID has you ready for business travel with a dedicated Checkpoint Friendly laptop compartment, along with secure storage for tablets, phones and other electronics (MSRP $160).

Check out all of the All Ways Secure™ Day Travelers™ here!

Caila Ball-Dionne is a freelance writer and full-time travel enthusiast. You can read more of her work at CailaBall.com

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by Caila Ball-Dionne

Caila Ball-Dionne is a freelance writer and full-time travel enthusiast. You can find more of her writing at CailaBall.com.