November 7th, 2012

Pinspiration: 7 Top Pinterest Travel Boards

Pinspiration: 7 Top Pinterest Travel Boards


While words may move some people to travel, it’s nearly always images that truly inspire us to take action and commit to the adventure of our dreams. This makes Pinterest—one of the newest additions into the social media sphere—the perfect tool for dreaming about, researching, planning, promoting or—maybe one day soon!—actually booking travel. We combed through endlessly cascading pages of gorgeous travel snaps to find 7 Pinterest travel boards that you’ll want to pin and repin all day long. Check them out and be propelled towards your new great getaway. 

Adventures: “Favorite Destinations” If there’s one travel brand that’s really taken Pinterest by the pixels, it’s GAdventures, one of the most active travel brands on the site. They use their images and boards in a very social way, constantly inviting others to contribute and always setting a high standard in the images they choose to pin as a brand. This board is one they have invited others to contribute to, full of incredible places around the globe that could make even the most settled person anxious to step on a plane!

New York Habitat: “Favorite Spots in Paris” Though NYH is a company that began by offering rental properties in New York City, they have now expanded to London, Paris and the south of France. This stunning board, which is also open to others for contribution, could turn almost anyone into a devoted Francophile.

Pinspiration: 7 Top Pinterest Travel Boards 1

Virtual Tourist: “Here, There and Everywhere” This impressive board, begun by Virtual Tourist, now features the travel-related pins of many, many contributors: It’s one of the most diverse we’ve discovered on Pinterest. This board offers a nearly bottomless wellspring of inspiration from seemingly every corner of the globe. 

Jodi Ettenberg: “Food, Glorious Food” Warning: Never look through this board while you’re hungry. As the author of The Food Travelers Handbook, a new book on street food from around the world, Ettenberg has carved a niche for herself in the place where travel and food intersect. The board showcases dishes from Bangkok to Montreal that run the gamut from Asian noodle bowls to homemade fruit rollups. 

Dave and Deb: “Great Beach Shots and Sunsets” Beaches and sunsets are rather cliché subjects when the topic of travel photography is in play. However, we have to give props to this Canadian adventure duo that really do believe in inspiring people. They have created a board that grabs attention through truly beautiful photographs of two things that always inspire wanderlust.

Pinspiration: 7 Top Pinterest Travel Boards 2

Culture-ist: “Travel The World” This board grabbed our attention for two images in particular, both of which we’ll never forget -- an aerial shot of Iceland’s rivers and a photograph entitled, ‘Fanaticism.’ These images illustrate exactly why the team behind Culture-ist is Pinterest-savvy (and this board is one to watch). What they choose to curate is always smart, creative and interesting—and always keeps you coming back for another look. 

Joseph Hernandez: “Nomading”  What we love about this board is that it features quotes, photographs and links to videos. It’s a sweet, yet energizing mix of imagery that collectively offers strong motivation to go do what the board’s title suggests: Be nomadic. If you follow it, however, you may have to fight the urge to sell all your belongings and move from place to place with only a backpack! 

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by Kirsten Alana