February 5th, 2018

Packing List for the City

Packing List for the City

You’ve been smart, planned ahead, and saved up. It’s now time to pack for your excursion to the big city. Whether you’re heading to NYC, London, or Dubai, we have packing tips to make your journey that much smoother and more efficient. Check out this useful checklist and arrive ready to take on the metropolis, with all the glitz and glamour it has to offer.

You’ve been smart, planned ahead, and saved up. It’s now time to pack for your excursion to the big city. If you’re in search of some packing tips to make your journey that much smoother and efficient, you are in for a real treat. This useful packing checklist will help you put the right items in your pack, and will help you get ready to take on the metropolis with all the glitz and glamour it has to offer.

Now before we jump in, it’s important to know there’s no wrong way to travel. However you decide to get there, stay there, get around there, or immerse yourself socially, you’ll learn lots and have memories to cherish.

To make this quick and easily digestible, let’s think about your trip in three sections: your mode of travel, where you’re sleeping, and your daily meanderings. Now without further adieu, here are your “what not to forget” packing guidelines.

The Journey

Whether plane, train, or sea vessel, it’s important to think through temperature, comfort, and—of course—your tummy.

  • Earplugs and travel pillow
  • An eyeshade for sleep or to support your “don’t bug me” face
  • Lotion and eye drops to help you combat that dry air
  • Travel blanket and jacket
  • Snacks for longer than expected flights and layovers (It happens!)
  • Music, podcasts, and movies loaded on your laptop or tablet
  • Headphones
  • Book, magazine, or journal (and a pen)
  • Pockets and packers to keep things organizer in your carry-on
  • Electronics cords if you are flying. If your seat-backs have outlets, or if your checked-in bag gets lost, you’ll be glad to have your cords with you.
  • Carrying on? Remember to put your toiletries in a TSA approved 3-1-1 bag.
  • A refillable water bottle

The Stay

Whatever your lodging, think through getting to and from your hotel, in addition to the little things you may regret if you accidentally forgot them. 

  • Hotelemail confirmations (including addresses) confirmation
  • Apps for taxis, Uber, or Lyft…downloaded on your phone
  • Luggage lock, especially if you are wary of hotel staff or are staying in a hostel)
  • Bathing suit: Forgetting your swimsuit when your hotel has a pool is the worst!
  • Converters and adapters for international travel
  • Shampoo, conditioner, lotions, and other toiletries—especially if you are particular about your products or staying at a hostel
  • Leave behind for hotel stays: blow dryer

Your Daily Walkabout

Walking the unfamiliar terrain of a new city is part of the magic. Between window shopping, sampling all that infamous street food, checking out all the restaurants you’ve  been dying to check out, and scoping different monuments and museums, make sure to consider your comfort. And, what’s more, take all the precautions necessary to make sure you enjoy your day.

  • Comfortable shoes (and band-aids or moleskin just in case)
  • Hand sanitizer (because everyone touches everything)
  • Going-out clothes for checking out those nice restaurants or attending the theatre
  • Comfortable backpack to stash your layers
  • Safety whistle or pepper spray  if you’re not sure of the area
  • Cross body purse (as opposed to over-the-shoulder) to keep your items more secure across your body
  • Sunglasses
  • Emergen-C and vitamins to keep up your energy
  • Sunscreen and a hat, or gloves and a beanie
  • Umbrella and rain coat in your bag if inclement weather is expected
  • Digital maps
  • Translation apps (such as
  • Google Translate or SayHi
  • money belt to keep your stuff safe and secure.

Once you’ve packed your bag, take some time to learn about your destination, because...

 let’s face it, customs and expectations can vary drastically from one location to the next. If you’re traveling someplace new, look into what to expect. Some examples may be…

  • Tipping. Tipping can vary state to state, but expectations are drastically different internationally so do your research. (Trip Advisor is a pretty solid resource.)
  • Appropriate clothing. Chances are the standards for dress in Southern California aren’t as applicable in Japan or Jordan, so look into it. Also remember, just because it’s cold in Denver, Colorado in December, doesn’t mean it’s also cold in Mombasa, Kenya (quite the opposite).
  • Formal and informal greetings. Google Translate, all the way!

The Options are Endless

Exploring someplace new will NOT leave you unchanged. If perhaps you find yourself in Tokyo, the Tsukiji Market will invigorate all your senses. In Dehli, Humayun’s Tomb will leave you breathless as you marvel at the architectural innovations of 1570. In New York City, put on your fancy-pants and let your jaw drop in awe of the amazing talent on the Broadway stage. Or if you ever find yourself in Quito, visit Indepencia Square to immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of the city.

We look forward to the new things you’ll see and experience on your big trip! You’re in a new place to experience new things, so lean into it and have an awesome time. Better yet, tell us about your trip, and share your stories on social media using hashtag #FindYourUnknown.

It’s you who make all the memories, we’re just here to help.

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by Jessica Dodson

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