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May 16th, 2017

Meet Me at Mistura – A Foodie’s Peruvian Heaven

Meet Me at Mistura – A Foodie’s Peruvian Heaven

Ever heard of Mistura? It’s the largest annual food festival in South America, and this year it’s happening September 7-17th in Lima, Peru.


Attracting about 400,000 visitors every year, Mistura will be bustling with people from far and wide, with fresh colors, and flavorful foods. And to add to the excitement, the festival will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

What Mistura is All About

Bringing together thousands of food aficionados from all around the world, this is a foodie’s dream come true! This year’s theme is focused on healthy eating and links to the country’s biodiverse food scene. Celebrity chefs including notable Peruvian and international chefs, and small farmers will come in droves to showcase the specialty of their regions. Diving even deeper, there will also be designated areas throughout the festival that will explore the history, varieties, and development processes of making Peruvian cacao, chocolate, and coffee, as well as other popular drinks and dishes. And to top it off, top musicians and performers from the region will be providing entertainment. Talk about eating and drinking ‘til you drop! Want to find out more? Head on over to the website.

Other Activities to Do in Lima

Lima is one of South America’s largest cities and you should definitely take advantage of exploring some of the nearby sites if you are going to Mistura.

El Malécon, Miraflores

Whether you’re a California native (like me) or just really love going to the beach, check out El Malécon in the Miraflores district, a six-mile stretch of park located right above the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Here you can ride a bike (daily rate to rent is about $15), go for a walk/jog/run, or just simply enjoy the scenery. You also will be able to see parasailers taking off, as it is the most prime spot for parasailing, and can even do it yourself for around $50 for 10-minutes of adrenaline pumping fun!

Larcomar, Miraflores

If jumping off a cliff doesn’t tickle your fancy, some other less-intense activities include going to Larcomar, built into the cliffside right underneath Miraflores. Here you can enjoy delicious Peruvian fare, see a movie at the local theater, go bowling or play pool at the local pool hall, or just try your hand at some awesome shopping! There is a plethora of upscale and trendy boutiques that you can go to in order to buy your family and relatives some nice souvenirs to take home!

Huaca Pucllana, Miraflores

If you’d like to lean more into experiencing Lima’s rich culture, you may want to explore the historical ruins that can be spotted in many different neighborhoods throughout the city, known as huacas. In Miraflores, Huaca Pucllana is a must-see! It was built in 500 A.D. at the cultural height of Lima’s history and excavations continue to uncover artifacts (and an occasional mummy!) There are also tons of museums and churches to visit in Huaca Pucllana, so you it is near impossible to get bored in this lively metropolis!

Eagle Creek is partnering with GoWay, Avianca, AFAR, Pisco Porton, World Nomads, and others to help bring this culinary adventure of a lifetime in Peru to you and your lucky guest, now through June 8. To learn more about the contest, take a look at the previous post located here.

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by Catharina Nilsson

Catharina is our current Marketing intern here at Eagle Creek and is very passionate about traveling to faraway places and immersing herself within different cultures. Her hopes and dreams include living in Europe/Australia, sharing her international experiences with a larger audience through writing for a company with an international focus, and gaining more experience working in the outdoors industry. She also loves yoga, long road trips (preferably along the coast), and country music. 

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