May 20th, 2015

How to Pack for Two Weeks in a Carry-On: Guys Edition

How to Pack for Two Weeks in a Carry-On: Guys Edition

There’s no need to wheel around a giant bag for a two-week adventure! Use these tips to pack light before you hit the road. 

Two weeks. You. A carry-on. That’s really all you need for the adventure of a lifetime. Have your doubts about traveling so light? No worries, man! It is entirely possible to last a fortnight on just the contents of one carry-on bag. The first step, of course, is snagging a compact suitcase that boasts lots of storage space. Once you have the right bag, take a look at this awesome video Eagle Creek made to show you how a carry-on can go the distance with the Pack-It™ system. Not only will all your things fit, but the system will also make everything faster and more convenient once you’re on the road.

Maximize Space

Every square inch counts, so be sure you put your space to good use. Roll clothes instead of folding them — and make those little bundles as tight as possible — to fit more items. Once the bigger stuff is in, fill up nooks and crannies with small and odd-shaped things like socks, singlets, and swimming trunks. It’s all about making bulky items as tiny as possible, and fitting tiny items where the bulky ones won’t go. Consider investing in Eagle Creek compression bags or packing cubes to shrink your belongings’ footprint, and conserve, conserve, conserve that space. For example, this Half Cube has two compartments so you can keep both your clean and dirty boxers and socks rolled tightly—and separated from each other.

Make it a Mini

Travel-size toiletries are your best friends when it comes to packing light. There’s no need to drag around jumbo bottles of shampoo and shaving cream when their petite counterparts will suffice for two weeks. You can either purchase miniature products at any drug store or buy a batch of TSA-approved empty bottles (Remember: Liquids must be 3oz or less!) to fill with your own stuff. The Pack-It™ Bi-Tech™ Trip Kit is a tough, water-resistant carrier that’s not only the perfect size for electric razors and cologne, but it also has a distinct masculine look.

Pack Light(weight)

Pack your lightest clothing pieces possible (unless you’re traveling to a cold-weather destination, in which case you may need a few heavier items). This won’t just help with space: travel trousers not only roll up to use much less room than bulky jeans, but they’ll also dry more quickly if you need to wash them. After all, with such limited packing space, you should aim to do laundry mid-trip and re-wear items a few times. Use a packing folder to keep your dress slacks and difficult-to-fold button downs neat and ready to go, and keep them from wrinkling too much!

Mix and Match

Keep things simple, and pack pieces that all match each other. You might love that neon orange t-shirt, but how many unique outfits are you going to pull off with it as a component? (On second thought, just ditch the neon.) Pick a basic color scheme and stick with it, and you’ll be able to make many outfits out of a few pieces. A few key staples can go a long way when you get creative. Even the most dapper gentleman will get mega mileage out of a capsule wardrobe.

Favor Versatility

We’ve discussed clothing choices to no small extent at this point, but you can fine-tune your travel wardrobe even further. When possible, bring pieces that do double-duty. Think: pants that can zip off into shorts or a jacket that has a removable liner. Try a reversible belt instead of bringing a black and a brown version. Make single items of clothing work harder for you. Use a Pack-It™ Half Tube Cube for rolled up belts and ties—so you can move things around in your bag and still stay organized once you’re adding souvenirs to the mix.

Go Easy On The Shoes

Sure, shoes are a necessary evil, but they’re also major space hogs. Between trainers, sandals, and dress shoes alone, a well-dressed fellow could easily pack an entire bag full of footwear alone! Limit yourself to just two pairs when you travel with a carry-on — one in your bag, and one on your feet. Remember versatility here, too: Bring shoes that are neutral in color, and can be dressed up or down, so you’re prepared for all outfits and situations. If possible, wear the heavier pair on the plane (or bus, or car, et cetera) to squeeze every last bit of space possible.  The Pack-It™ Shoe Sac is the perfect size for a pair of dress shoes, or even some flip-flops and boat shoes together.

Once your versatile travel clothes and gear are packed tightly into the packing cubes and folders, then it’s just an easy game of Tetris to slide each component into your backpack or suitcase. The Eagle Creek Pack-It™ System is designed to not only save precious space you need in a carry-on, but it also makes your travels faster and more organized once you’re at your destination!

What are your best tips for traveling light? Let us know in the comments. 

Shannon O’Donnell is a long-term traveler on the road since 2008; she travels slowly and supports grassroots tourism along the way. She is an acclaimed travel speaker and works with universities and businesses all over the U.S. to talk about the role travel can play in helping support developing countries and increase global connection. 


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by Shannon ODonnell

Shannon O'Donnell is a long-term traveler who has been on the road since 2008; she travels slowly and supports grassroots tourism along the way. She is an acclaimed travel speaker and works with universities and businesses all over the U.S. to talk about supporting developing countries.