December 19th, 2014

The Hottest Travel Trends for 2015

The Hottest Travel Trends for 2015

Keep your eyes on the lookout for these five upcoming travel trends.

It’s never too early to start daydreaming about your next weekend getaway, well-deserved vacation or big bucket-list trip. And while it may seem as if trade trends are only interesting to those in the industry, consumers can also benefit from keeping a finger on the pulse of what’s hot in the world of travel. Take a look at what experts say is on tap for 2015.

A Premium on Personalization

Travelers are growing increasingly less interested in all-inclusive packages, but more intrigued by curated, customized itineraries. Companies and vendors are also more aware of personal customer service and have begun to treat it as a luxury that everyone deserves. In fact, hotels are using social media to learn more about you before you walk in the door. Don’t be surprised when you’re greeted by name at valet and they already know how you prefer your coffee in the morning.

There’s an App for That

Some studies project that in 2015, up to a quarter of all travel bookings in the U.S. will be completed via smartphone technology. User friendly, carefully designed travel apps have made it easier than ever to book a night in Berlin without ever opening a laptop browser. In the coming year, that same phone will be able to open doors: Both Starwood and Hilton have apps in the works that will allow an iPhone to function as a room key.          

Free Wifi For All

Some experts predict that internet connection charges will become a thing of the past in 2015. With the rise of affordable 3G data connections and ubiquitous WiFi, travelers expect—nay, demand—to be connected at all times. Free, fast WiFi is consistently rated as one of the amenities travelers desire most. Since budget accommodation has been giving away free internet access for years, higher end brands won’t get away with charging for it much longer.

Do It Yourself

Advances in technology—and increases in the cost of labor—means many travel businesses will be looking for ways to encourage customers toward a DIY experience. Flight check-in at kiosks and mobile boarding passes are now commonplace, and in 2015 we can expect increases in self-check in at hotels, checking in your own bags at the airport and even replacing room service with a “grab-and-go” style situation in the lobby.


Green, eco-friendly travel is far from a novel trend, but it’s growing steadily, and, well, sustainably. Hotels continue to strive for lower energy use by installing solar panels and energy efficient electronics, only changing sheets and towels upon request and serving local and organic foods in their restaurants. Consumers are requesting more hybrid and gas-efficient vehicles from rental car companies, and carbon offset programs continue to catch on.

What travel trends are you hoping to see catch on in 2015?

Alexandra Baackes is a traveling writer, designer, and underwater videographer. She is currently in her third year of living as a full-time nomad -- follow along at!

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