October 18th, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide: 20+ Travel Gift Ideas for Men

Holiday Gift Guide: 20+ Travel Gift Ideas for Men

Sure, the guys on your holiday list all have necks, but this does not mean that a tie is a thoughtful holiday gift for each of them. Skip the Windsor knot, and appeal to your man’s sense of adventure. We’ve got over 20 gift ideas that will get a much bigger smile than any novelty tie — guaranteed.

The Outdoorsman

Even the most minimalist outdoorsman on your shopping list won’t turn down gear to optimize his time in nature. A new travel pack, like one from our premium National Geographic Guide Series collaboration  is built for adventure travel (collection starting at $199), while the  Global Companion Travel Pack 40L simplifies packing ($159). On the accessories front, a camping hat, such as the Under Armour Utility Bucket Hat, is a must for skin protection on long treks ($30); and a modern take on a hiking shoe will make camping treks easier on the feet ($170).

More upgrades to his tried-and-true gear include a filtered water bottle, such as the  ÖKO Original ($25); an Eagle Creek TravelLite™ Towel XL, which dries quickly to keep the “have you been camping?” smell to a minimum ($15); and a pair of high-tech travel underwear keeps him feeling fresh sans running water ($26 and up).

If his camping trips are of the tents-in-the-backyard variety, he’ll get a kick out of this BBQ Toolbox, which has man-glamping written all over it ($99).

The Fun-Seeker

If his trips are centered on having the most.fun.ever, make sure that fun starts on the plane. The Carry On Cocktail Kit ($24) is both carry-on and stocking-stuffer sized, and includes everything he needs to make a proper Old Fashioned, Moscow Mule, or gin and tonic…everything but the booze, that is. Not planning any trips soon? He can drink his way around America with this Beer Cap Map of the USA ($50).

The Adrenaline Junkie

So he’s taking an epic skydiving/paragliding/bungee jumping/surfing excursion? Demand proof in the form of a GoPro ($200 and up) video, and eliminate any “but-I-can’t-film-it” excuses with a GoPro Floaty($20).

The Gadget Guy

Guys who love gadgets may seem easy to shop for, but you have to stay a step ahead of the gear they’ve already purchased for themselves. Start with a portable phone charger ($20) that works with a lightweight solar panel ($100) to keep all his gear working, wherever. The Wayfinder Backpack 20L ($79) with its cord organizers and clips a padded laptop sleeve is perfect for the techy guy on the go. And help him keep his gadgets charged no matter where in the world he is with a USB Universal Travel Adapter Pro ($70).

If his suitcase is already overflowing with gadgets, chances are he could use a travel tech organizer, like the eTools Organizer Pro ($39), to keep all of his cords and devices in place. If he’s always having trouble remembering exactly where that place is, Tile will help him track his wallet, luggage, keys, or other valuables from a smartphone app ($20 and up).

The Well Groomed

Travel slob he is not, or at least he won’t be with these good-looking travel gifts, like manscaping products galore from a membership to Dollar Shave Club, where he can pick out both travel-sized and full-sized varieties of luxury skincare products. Make sure he has a manly Dopp kit to store those products—the Pack-It Converge™ Toiletry Cube ($45) should do the trick.

The Business Traveler

Even the busiest professionals will be happy they took a break to unwrap business travel gifts, such as the Convertabrief bag ($199), which keeps everything uber-organized. Rumpled is not an option on the road, and a Pack-It Specter™ Garment Folder ($45) will help him keep the suit wrinkles at bay during important trips and the Pack-It Specter Tech™ Shoe Cube ($26) will keep his dress shoes scuff-free and separate from his clothes.

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