Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for New Parents 

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What are new parents wishing for this holiday season? We’ve hand picked ten gifts that will make their family travels even more memorable.


When shopping for new parents, gift-givers inevitably fall into two camps: those who have had a baby and those who have not. Experienced parents tend to know the exactly what a new parent needs, while the rest of us—well intentioned as we are—often turn up with a onesie and a casserole. 


Not that there’s anything wrong with a casserole! Busy new parents will appreciate anything you bring. Of course, you’ll really make their day if you give them something you selected just for them. 


This gift guide is designed for parents who love to travel. Their family has grown, but that doesn’t mean the adventure needs to end. Instead, a new adventure is just beginning—parents get to introduce their children to the world. Here are ten gift ideas for new parents to make their first trips with the baby even better. 


For Parents On the Go


Gone are the days of throwing a few things in a pack and setting out (for now, at least!) Traveling with a baby requires a lot more planning—and a lot more stuff. Instead of lugging around a bulky diaper bag, new parents can be more mobile with a daypack for the baby. The lightweight Wayfinder Backpack 20L ($79) is the perfect hands-free diaper bag for all their family adventures. Who says a diaper bag needs to be frumpy? 


For Parents with a Touch of Cabin Fever 


Spending days at home can be a big adjustment for new parents—especially adventurous ones. Help new parents feel a little luxurious on their days in with some fresh and fuzzy slippers. Timberland’s Cable-Knit Slipper Socks ($24) for her and Torrez Nxtwool Scuff Slippers ($65) for him will keep their feet cozy all winter long.


For Every New Parent Ever 


It’s a fact: New parents need sleep whenever and wherever they can get it. Eagle Creek’s plush Cat Nap Rest Set ($45) helps parents catch some shut-eye wherever they are, from the airplane to the rocking chair in the baby’s room. The kit comes with a fluffy neck pillow, a super-comfortable eye shade, and earplugs for the nights when it’s the other parent’s turn. 


For Hikers, Skiers, and Mountain Climbers 


New parents can be a lot more active than you might think. Outdoorsy types can strap on the baby and set out for a hike, even if it’s a local one. Of course, the baby will need something to wear for his/her first expeditions. Wrangler’s Baby Boy Wrangler® Sleeveless Sherpa Lined Puffer Vest ($39) is adorable and perfect for cool-weather adventures.


For Parents Who Can Never Find Their Keys 


For such a small person, a new baby needs a whole lot of stuff. It’s often little stuff, too: tiny nail clippers, ointment, a baby thermometer, and so much more. Eagle Creek’s convenient Pack-It Original™ Wallaby ($37) hanging toiletry kit keeps all those little things organized. When it’s time to travel, parents can zip it up and set out—there’s no need to sweat the small stuff. 


For Northerners and Snow Bunnies 


For parents who live up north, a snowy day could come at any time. Make sure they’re ready to take the adorable “baby in the snow” photos with this cute winter hat. Thanks to the retro tassels, this Smartwool Toddler Trapper Hat ($32) is particularly darling. Made with Merino wool, it’s warm, too! That means the hat still works when adventures go beyond the backyard. 


For Multitaskers 


Eagle Creek’s compact Wayfinder Waist Pack S ($30) is a perfect gift for new parents for three major reasons. One: fanny packs are totally back in style[1] ; two: yoga pants don’t have pockets; and three: babies have a tendency to fall asleep without warning. Make new parents feel like Inspector Gadget with instant access to all their essentials. That means the phone, pacifier, hand sanitizer, headphones, and snacks are on hand at all times. 


For Cool Parents 


If your friends always seem to look cooler than you, you can only expect the same from their mini-me. The Vans Infant Checker Slip-On V Crib shoes ($25) are just like classic Vans, only they’re tiny and made for babies. If they really want to ace the those family travel photos? The parents can wear theirs, too. Oh come on, it’s adorable! 


For Type A Types  


Parents aren’t just packing for themselves anymore. Help new parents keep their luggage organized with Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Specter™ Starter Set ($59). These ultra-light organizers make packing a breeze. Parents can use the Garment Folder to keep their clothes wrinkle-free and use a Specter Cube for the baby’s things. Mess, managed! 


For Campers, Park-Goers, and Stargazers


A great blanket is a must-have for any family who wanders. The Smartwool 2-in-1 Blanket ($110) is made of super-soft Merino wool so it stays warm and dry. Parents can bring it on a flight, pack it for a picnic, or keep the blanket in the car for whenever inspiration strikes. As an added bonus, the blanket doubles as a pillow when folded for last-minute naps (for both parents and baby). 


Looking for gift ideas for your other traveling friends? Check out Eagle Creek’s other Holiday Gift Guides [2] to ace this holiday season. 


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By Allison Reiber DiLiegro

Allison Reiber DiLiegro is a full-time traveler and freelance writer. She left for a trip to Southeast Asia in February 2016 and has been moving ever since. Follow along on Instagram and her website