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October 3rd, 2016

Georganna's Story

Georganna's Story

Georganna refuses to live in fear or let breast cancer affect her lifestyle. When we asked her what encompass her outlook on life, she smiled and said, “Bring it on!” 


Our partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation gave Eagle Creek the unique opportunity to lean in and tell some authentic survival stories of some heroes among us. To meet these women, we reached out to our personal networks and met some true champions.

From the moment we met Georganna, we could see her strength and knew that, yeah, there’s no way she’d go down without a fight. Georganna’s journey with cancer started when she was 10 years old when she lost her mother to Multiple Myeloma. Then later, at the young age of 37 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Though fearful for those first couple of days, she refused to let fear rule her life. After coming to grips with the disease and treatment plan, she recognized that her purpose was just beginning and became determined to not let her daughter grow up without a mother.

Aside from the time of treatments, Georganna didn’t let breast cancer affect her daily routine or lifestyle. She refused to live in fear and through the process of information gathering, treatment, and recovery, she made friends with a group of amazing and resilient women.

Now 5 years cancer free (woohoo!), Georganna is as full of life as she’s ever been. In her free time she loves traveling, exploring, and enjoying the beach with family and friends. In fact, often you’ll find her in standup paddleboarding in the Back Bay in Newport Beach, CA. Through paddleboarding, Georganna has been able to connect with a great community and support system. She first discovered paddleboarding through a breast cancer organization called Standup For The Cure, and is now an ambassador for the group which raises awareness and funds for breast cancer while having a blast standup paddling.

Georganna’s journey has taught her that she is stronger than she could ever imagine, mentally and psychically. She also recognizes that confidence is key and love is essential. To anyone out there who may have just found out they have breast cancer, Georganna provides these words of advice:

”Take a deep breath. You will not fight this alone. Research all of your options and ask questions from others who have had Breast Cancer. It's your life and your body. Stay confident. Half the battle is you needing to be positive. Your outlook is everything.”

This month we take time to pause and recognize the super stars among us.

You always have the opportunity to give to organizations whose missions you are personally connected to. Through the month of October, 10% of your purchase of any Eagle Creek gear identified with a pink ribbon will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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