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December 14th, 2017

Find Your Unknown

Travel awakens something in those willing to explore beyond everyday boundaries.


It was in the spirit of wanting to connect deeper to beautiful new places, culture and experiences that we first got our start in 1975. It is in that spirit that we put out the challenge to Find Your Unknown.

Don’t stay affixed to your screen. Don’t experience your life by watching someone else’s unfold. Join us as we explore the world outside. And what’s more, become a story-teller of the things you’ve seen, known, found. 

What’s challenged you? Changed you?

From mountain valleys to city streets, together we can discover a whole new world outside and inside of us.

Eagle Creek designs gear because it’s the gateway to outdoor travel and adventure. By designing and equipping travelers with the tools and products needed to experience new places, we share our spirit with adventurers everywhere.

Find Your Unknown is a call to action to travel beyond your comfort zone and into new territories and terrains. It’s a celebration embracing the wonders the world and the pursuit of new perspectives, people and places that deepen our experience and appreciation of humanity and the planet. 

So what are you waiting for? Link up with some friends, or take off solo. The point is to go. If you want some support, we’ve got expert travel tips and products to help get you there.

Tell us what inspires you and where you’re going on @eaglecreek.

See you out there!


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by Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek is an invitation to discover the wonders of humanity and our planet. From city parks to exotic destinations, we equip you with the durable and versatile gear to take you beyond your fears and outside your comfort zone. We believe the experience of the unknown inspires a deeper understanding of each other, a curiosity for the unfamiliar, and fresh perspectives on life. We know the further we travel, the closer we become to each other and to the planet we share.

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