May 16th, 2013

Father's Day: 9 Top Gifts for Your Traveling Dad

Father's Day: 9 Top Gifts for Your Traveling Dad


If you’ve got a wandering spirit, chances are, Dad probably does too (didn’t you know that wanderlust is hereditary?). But whether he loves to pack up the car and go camping at a nearby national park, relax on a tropical cruise or try ziplining on a jungle adventure, one thing is for certain: He’d be totally psyched to get a travel-inspired gift this Father’s Day. Not simply because the right present can make his next trip easier and more fun—but because using it will remind him of his favorite travel buddy: You.

1. Craghoppers World Travel Clothing Dad owns business suits and Dad owns t-shirts—neither one exactly suitable for an overnight hike or day of fly-fishing. Help Pops get prepped for adventure in the great outdoors by giving him some stylish—yet practical—goods from Craghoppers World Travel Clothing. We recommend their NosiLife line, which features sun-protective, moisture wicking pieces that help repel insects. The line features an array of garments, from long- and short-sleeved shirts to stretch trousers. ($35 to $85)

2. Adventure Wheeled Backpack by Eagle Creek The Eagle Creek Switchback 22 is ideal for the dad who wants the benefits of both a rolling suitcase and a backpack in the same piece of luggage. Backpacking dads will appreciate the 3D Air Mesh and foam construction as well as the padded hip belt, contoured shoulder straps and sternum strap for added comfort. Dads traveling for work will appreciate the many grab handles and the ability to bring the bag on an airplane as a carry on. Compression straps help to consolidate the contents of the bag, while an oversized interior top-load pocket keeps things organized. ($325)

3. Capture Camera Clip System by Peak Design Is Dad a not-so-subtle shutterbug? Then you might want to think about getting him a Capture Camera Clip System by Peak Design. The system allows a DSLR, Micro 4/3 or point-and-shoot camera to be secured to any strap on your body, eliminating any need for an uncomfortable neck strap or bulky camera bag. In addition, the system keeps Dad’s camera safe with an ultra-light yet strong aluminum and a redundant twist-lock, as well as an accessible quick-release lock. The system can withstand up to 150 pounds of force, so no need to worry about his camera falling and breaking. ($80)

4. Traveler’s Choice Noise Cancellation Headphones by Able Planet If Dad loves music (or just hates hearing crying babies and mindless chatter on airplanes) pick up these serious—but not seriously expensive—headphones from Able Planet. They wrap around the ear and come in a foldable, convenient size that’s perfect for travelers who don’t want gear that takes up too much luggage space. The product’s LINX Audio technology means you can listen to your music at a safe volume while still enjoying clarity and tone accuracy without background noise. Bonus: These headphones are lightweight, extremely comfortable and won’t slip out of your ears like earbuds tend to. (Starting at $80)

5. All Terrain Money Belt by Eagle Creek Keep things stylish—and help keep Dad’s money safe by giving him Eagle Creek’s All Terrain Money Belt. The All Terrain Money Belt looks just like a normal belt, and slips through the belt loops on his pants. The big difference: It contains a hidden pocket on the inside. Having a super secret place to stash cash – that’s readily available should it be needed – will give him peace of mind that he’s always prepared when on the road. ($20)

6. Eton FRX3 American Red Cross Emergency Smartphone Charger While smartphones offer many great features and benefits (ie, allowing you to do work on the road, look up directions when you’re lost and pulling up necessary trip information when you’re away from the computer, the battery life on these powerful devices tends to be pretty short lived. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to be out of luck once it dies. The Eton FRX3 American Red Cross emergency smartphone charger makes use of solar power to get you juiced up again…and if there’s no sun, you can also charge your phone by plugging it into the device and turning the hand crank. Other features of the Eton FRX3 include a weather alert radio, alarm clock, music and news stations and LED flashlight. ($60)

7. Broland Guide Courier by Eagle Creek The Eagle Creek Broland Guide Courier is a messenger-style shoulder bag that’s ideal for Dads that travel with netbooks or tablets. The bag features an array of interior and exterior pockets to help keep him organized, a Secure-Zip™ Toggle closure for added security and an adjustable cross-body shoulder strap for extra comfort. Whether dad is a city or adventure traveler, this makes the perfect daypack. ($68)

8. New York Shaving Company Ultimate Shave On The Go Kit New York Shaving Company gears their Ultimate “Shave on the Go” kits for men who like to stay well groomed while traveling. These come packaged with a genuine badger-hair brush, pre-shave oil, shaving cream and after-shave balm, all stored in a travel-ready TSA compliant zip-up bag. Choose from scents like lavender, lemon and sandlewood to help keep dad smelling fresh while on the go. ($45)

9. FitKit Traveling can sometimes make it difficult to stay in shape, especially when you’re on the road for business. FitKit, a packable fitness solution, contains a total body workout that’s TSA-friendly and weighs only two pounds. The product has an exercise library with more than 250 strength, cardio and stretching exercises, as well as nutrition tips, a pedometer to measure steps, an exercise band, resistance tube, jump rope, stability attachment and safety features like a reflective arm band and ID tag. ($35)

Jessica Festa, a New York native, is a world traveler who is always looking for a new adventure. She stays active through hiking, cycling, and dance, and loves nothing more than her backpack. Follow her travels around the world at Jessie on a Journey and at Epicure & Culture

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