The Essential Camping Packing List for a Traveling Kitchen

The Essential Packing List for a Traveling Kitchen

When you’re out camping, it’s not exactly easy to find meals on the go. Eliminate that worry with this simple guide to packing an organized traveling kitchen. 

Crafting the perfect traveling kitchen is an important part of any overnight camping trip, whether you’ll be in the backwoods without another soul in sight or at a campground with its own grill and other amenities. Before you head out on your trip, use this guide to make sure that you have all of the cooking equipment that you need in your pack—and that you know how to keep it organized.

Food and Drink

When it comes to cooking meals while camping, the simpler, the better. You can easily pack freeze-dried fruits, oatmeal, jerky, and other food that you might find at an outdoor supply store. Bring plenty of clean water for drinking, as well as cooking and cleaning. If you want beverage options aside from water—like tea, coffee, or flavored drinks—pack powders and instant mixes that you can easily add to your water. Store drinks and drink mixes in a sealable bag that will keep out insects, like Pack-It Specter™ Sac Set, or a roll-top bag. If you’ll be in an area frequented by bears, place all food items (and anything scented) in a bear bag and hang it in the tree before you go to sleep. If you plan to use oils and spices, pack them in travel-sized toiletry bottles.

Gear and Accessories

You may or may not need a camping stove, depending on what type of trip you’re going on, but you’ll certainly need utensils. If you do plan to cook hot foods, opt for nesting pots and pans to keep your kitchen load light. Throw in a few bowls with sporks, one knife, and a mug. Put your utensils in a skinny bag like the Pack-It™ Sac Extra Small, which will allow them to dry through the mesh. If you’re packing a coffee maker, store your coffee grounds in a moisture-resistant container, along with your matches or lighter, like a water-resistant toiletry bag or shoe organizer that you can hang from a tree or tent frame if needed. Bring a portable and collapsible fabric camping sink, so you can fill it with water when you need to wash dishes, but fold it up when you’re done. For clean up, pack biodegradable soap and a travel towel. Throw all your gear in a Pack-It Specter™ Stuffer Set that you can easily latch onto your backpack or put in the trunk of your vehicle.

Extra Items

In addition to your main kitchen gear, be sure to pack a tarp (in case of rain, you can avoid cooking and eating on a wet, muddy ground), resealable bags (for leftovers), trash bags, and aluminum foil. Add in a few carabiners, which you can use to clip items on your bag or hang up your bear bag.For any larger items that won’t fit in your backpack (like a travel stove), consider putting them in a plastic storage bin that you can easily carry to and from your campsite.  

Whether you’re traveling to modern campsites with amenities like bathhouses, plugins, and WiFi, or to the remote wilderness to connect with nature, always remember to do your research ahead of time so you know what kitchen and cooking supplies you’ll need. Looking for more packing tips? Check out this ultimate packing list.

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By Caroline Eubanks on May 13, 2019

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