July 28th, 2015

The Eagle Creek Pack-It™ System

Eagle Creek Pack-It™ Video

Using Eagle Creek's Pack-It™ System helps you to compress your load and maximize packing space. Go ahead, minimize wrinkles in your travel bag and get hooked on organized travel.

Here at Eagle Creek we are all hooked on the Pack-It™ System. And why wouldn’t be be? We’re a tribe of travelers. We love the organization that Pack-It provides when we’re on the road. Organize your clothes in different color bags for a quick ID, and use the compression Cubes to maximize the packing space inside your bag. Pack-It makes unpacking easy and the Cubes work great as drawer organizers! Just slide them into your hotel dresser drawers and you’re unpacked in no time.

You can bet our team had a lot of fun bringing this video together! We had a blast talking about past trips and how we used Pack-It Folders, Cubes, and Sacs to keep us in order.

Take a look at the video. Pack-It truly is a game changer that once you try it you’ll be hooked on organized travel.

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by Jeff Sermak