December 11th, 2015

Doing What We Love: Life on the Road

Doing What We Love: Life on the Road

Most people look at what we do and think, “Cool!  They get to play music for a living.”  And don’t get me wrong, we think it’s pretty cool too.  That said, we aren’t just a group of five people traveling and playing music together: We’re a mobile, small business with low margins and lots of overhead. 

In order for us to continue making money doing this for a living, we’ve had to become pretty good at saving money where we can.  So what do we do? We rent smaller cars (and since that provides less space than a 15-passenger van) we’ve had to become very efficient about how we pack all our gear. 

Eagle Creek makes a couple of products that help us immensely on the road.  Below is a list of the products we use and what we use them for:

Gear Warrior™ 36 - There are two ways we make money on the road: selling tickets, and selling merchandise.  The ladder is where the gear warrior comes in handy.  For a two-and-a-half to three-week trip, we need to bring as much merchandise as possible.  The Gear Warrior helps us pack all the shirts, CDs, Vinyl, hats and other merchandise we need, in a way that protects the goods.  (Pack-It™ Cubes are a big help here.) 

Global Companion Travel Packs– These puppies are amazing space savers.  Fitting five peoples’ bags into a van, in addition to all of our instruments, amplifiers and pedal boards, is usually a giant pain (especially when someone unloads their entire bag in order to retrieve an item from the bottom).  But that’s definitely not the case with these travel packs. You see, these organizational machines allow access from top or bottom, however it's carried, creating much more convenience than traditional backpacks. 

Pack-It™ System – I don’t know that there has been a better development in travel luggage than the packing Cube.  It’s easy to be unorganized going from city to city, unpacking and repacking… The Pack-It System helps us in a huge way.  We use them for everything.  We use both the original and the Specter™ cubes.  We also use the Quick Trip and garment bags. 

Wayfinder Backpack 30L – Kevin and Jason are in charge of finance and marketing. This requires we travel with laptops, and that we have bags that can store them safely. The Wayfinder Backpack accomplishes that very well. 

Migrate Duffel – We like to stay stylish on stage and be as active as possible on the road.  Both of these things require different kinds of shoes.  We used to have a hard time getting multiple pairs of shoes in our individual bags, so we solved the problem by getting a single duffel, which houses all of our shoes.  We call it the “Shoe bag” (creative, we know…). 

In our line of work, saving space and money is the name of the game.  Eagle Creek has been tremendous in helping us achieve those goals.  We’re looking forward to what’s in store for us as Ambassadors of such a cool company.

by the-show-ponies