April 13th, 2016

The Desert Path: Finding Inspiration

The Desert Path: Finding Inspiration

The scenic route is the best route.


As a photographer, I’m on the road often. For some, this can be exhausting. For me, it’s where I find my inspiration. Seeing new things and capturing them on 35mm film through my camera lens… How did I get so lucky?

A couple of weeks back I had a 2,000 mile trip ahead of me – back and forth across the desert. My buddy Ben and I decided to take advantage of the desert landscape and just ride.

A pair of ​pants, 2 shirts, my jacket, and camera gear. All in one bag, strapped to the back of my bike.

Pausing to take in the scenery is a must.

This is my buddy Ben. Making the moment last a bit longer by laying down in the middle of the desert in the middle of nowhere.

Instead of riding through Joshua Tree National Park without pausing to appreciate it, we pulled over and climbed to the highest point around. There, we watched the sun’s rays travel south in the distance.

The view: Joshua Trees in all their glory.

Oh. This is me. My self portrait

To see more of Ben’s camera magic and his many adventures, be sure to follow him on Instagram @_BenChristensen

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by Ben Christensen

Ben Christensen is an advertising and lifestlye photographer from Arizona. From outdoor and adventure shots to high fashion, Ben has it covered. 

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