April 16th, 2015

Buying Guide: The Best Travel Accessories for Safety and Comfort

Buying Guide: The Best Travel Accessories for Safety and Comfort

Travel accessories are all those “little things” that can be some of the most important keys to a smooth journey. They can often be the things you always wish you had packed, but always seem to forget until you're already on your way. From items that make your voyage more comfortable to products that make your stuff more easily accessible during your trip, the right accessories can make your travel so much easier – and stress-free.

Whether you need help keeping your electronics safe in a laptop sleeve, your luggage secure when rolling through a train station with a travel lock, or an RFID blocking wallet or money belt to keep your information yours, or just some to-die-for ear plugs and a pillow for your flight, we've got you covered. Our travel accessories guide gives you all the information you need to be the most well-prepared traveler you know. (Your flight seat mates will all be jealous of your clean and cozy travel blanket and pillow.)

Over the years, we've found that no one knows how to pack a bag better than our seasoned customers so we've considered their feedback and made sure we've included their recommendations to help build this guide. Think we aren't reading your comments or reviews? Don't worry, we're definitely listening. 

We've broken down these travel accessories into six main categories and listed some ideas for how best to use this gear -- what and how to pack it -- in the guide below. 

Travel Pillows & Blankets

Recommended use: Overnight flights, train rides, bus travel, camping or backpacking trips

It's no secret that the pillows and blankets supplied by airlines aren't the most comfortable -- and they may not always be the cleanest. If you'll be traveling on buses, trains, boats or other modes of travel, these may not even be supplied. Catching a quick snooze en route to your destination can help you fight off exhaustion and jet lag -- plus it'll help you pass the time on a long journey. 

Money Belts & Neck Wallets

Recommended use: International travel, unsafe destinations -- domestic or international

Depending on the destination, travel safety may or may not be top of mind as you pack. For anyone traveling internationally or just to unfamiliar areas, keeping your money stashed in a discreet place is highly recommended. From small bra stashes to hide your cash and credit cards to larger money belts that fit important travel documents, we have many different options to help you keep your valuables safe. 

When you're traveling in places where security may be an issue, it's a good idea to protect your money in money belt.

Wallets & Organizers

Recommended use: International travel for documents and passports, domestic travel and daily use

We're pretty obsessed with helping people stay organized while they travel, probably because we like feeling in control of our things and documents. Because of this, we love a good travel organizer -- one that will keep your passports and important travel documents all in one place. Eagle Creek travel wallets and organizers are made to not only keep your important stuff organized, but safe as well. Some of our wallets and organizers even feature RFID Blocking Technology to help protect your personal information from identity thieves.


Recommended use: Day trips, overnight trips and weekend trips, business travel and expandable bags for souvenirs 

Our packable travel bags are the perfect addition to your luggage. While on your trip, you might plan a side day trip - or even an overnighter on the fly. You may also pick up one too many souvenirs and be in need of some extra room. A packable day pack is a great addition to your travel bag for quick day trips and side excursions. If you plan to bring home a lot of extra goodies, a packable tote or duffel bag can fold up nicely into your bag and expand to fit plenty of gifts and keepsakes.

Luggage ID & Security

Recommended use: International and domestic travel and luggage safety

A small, but tough luggage lock is always a good idea to ensure that your bags can't be easily opened by others as you travel through crowded airports, train stations and the like. But before you buy a giant padlock for your gear, keep in mind you'll need something lightweight and TSA-friendly. Our selection of luggage locks will keep your goods safe, while complying with TSA regulations. Another brilliant idea (if we do say so ourselves) is to use a TSA Lock Luggage Strap. This will not only keep your suitcase safe, but it will help you identify it as it rolls onto the conveyor belt at baggage claim.

The last thing you want to deal with when traveling is not being able to charge your electronics. An international power converter is a wise investment if you're going to be traveling to many different places.

Travel Essentials

Recommended use: This and that… all of the little travel items that make travel a bit more enjoyable -- on flights, train rides and more for both domestic and international travel    

These are some important odds and ends we recommend adding to your bag to make your travel experience much easier.

  • Ear plugs are great for overnight flights, sleeping in busy cities or to help you as you adjust to sleeping in a new time zone. 
  • Don't forget that other countries don't use the same types of electrical outlets. If you need to plug in electronics while you're abroad – hair dryer, curling iron, cell phone, laptop, digital camera, etc. – then you'll need an international power converter set to make sure your charger fits the wall socket. 

by Phil Diehl