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January 9th, 2017

Buying Guide: Backpacks

The backpack is among the most versatile of all travel packs, making it the most-used travel bag by people of all ages. From the first day of kindergarten to a retirement hiking trip in Europe, we have all likely owned a backpack at some point in our lives. It is, perhaps, the way that we associate the backpack with our school years that may make some think of this piece of luggage as obsolete once we venture into the real world; but nothing could be further from the truth. Here at Eagle Creek we recognize that the strongest attributes of the backpack–a comfortable weight distribution and the ability to use your hands freely–are benefits that everyone should enjoy. So whether you are running to catch a bus or walking as you explore Vietnam, we have a backpack for you. We have backpacks which are well-suited for every travel need, including our Classic Backpacks, Rolling Bag/Backpack Combos, Laptop Bags, and Duffel/Backpack combos. Check out our backpack categories below to find the type of backpack which will best suit your needs.


Classic Backpacks

Unlike rolling or duffel bags, the backpack gives you the freedom to travel anywhere, anytime. The backpack is among the most versatile and reliable pieces of luggage on the market. The classic backpack is a great option for when your needs change frequently, and you do not want to purchase a new piece of luggage for each trip. For example, the backpack is a wonderful choice for everyone from the student traveling to class during the week and hopping a train to visit parents for the weekend, to a camper looking for a lightweight carrying bag for an excursion.

At Eagle Creek, our backpack selections give you amazing quality, and our backpacks are all made from the most durable materials available. Our No Matter What Classic Backpack comes with a laptop sleeve and a slip panel for easy attachment to additional luggage pieces, in addition to our No Matter What Warranty. It also comes in a top-load style, giving you nearly unlimited options. Check out our full line of classic backpack styles to find the classic backpack which is perfect for you. Looking for something more specialized? Read on!


Rolling Bag/Backpack Combos

Let’s say that you’re intrigued by the idea of a backpack, but you’re not sure whether you’re ready to make the plunge. Perhaps you’ve become accustomed to your rolling travel bag and are not quite willing to give it up? Believe us–we understand. That is why we created the Switchback™, Eagle Creek's wheeled backpack. The Switchback was awarded Gear of the Year by Outside Magazine, and with good reason. The Switchback is a rolling piece of luggage which also comes with a zip-off backpack for daytrip use. The Switchback gives you the best of both worlds, with easy access to a removable backpack while maintaining the benefits (and comfort) of a rolling bag. Keep in mind, however, that you may not always want to pull a rolling bag behind you, which is why you may want to consider purchasing a backpack instead.


Laptop Bags

For busy travelers on the go, Eagle Creek carries backpacks which double as padded briefcases/travel bags. These bags are perfect for those who do not wish to carry around a full rolling bag, but for whom a traditional backpack is insufficient. Take the Satchel Backpack, which looks great on your back or slung over your shoulder; the satchel backpack comes with the Secure-Zip™ Toggle closure, which secures your bag shut without a lock. Its padded e-fleece laptop compartment keeps your laptop or tablet safe, and the bag also features a snap hook which allows you to secure the strap of your bag to a table or chair. Our Convertabrief is also popular quite popular; it’s our laptop-carrying bag with three carry options: backpack, secure grip handles, and a sturdy over-the-shoulder strap. The Convertabrief features the ultimate carry-on technologies, including a passport-sized RFID blocker pocket for enhanced security while traveling. Or, for something smaller, try our Tablet Sling Daypack RFID; this super-comfortable bag can be worn over either shoulder and also features the passport-sized RFID blocker, which has become so necessary in today’s world. For both comfort and ease of use, a laptop or tablet bag is perfect.


There’s a reason why backpacks are so popular among travelers. The modern amenities of today’s backpacks make them easier than ever to simply throw on your back and go. And the many options in sizes and styles make choosing the right backpack easier than ever.

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