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October 1st, 2016

Annmarian's Story

Annmarian's Story

No matter the type of cancer, hearing your diagnosis for the first time is never easy. And maintaining a positive mind might be even harder. Nevertheless, Annmarian was driven to beat breast cancer by doing whatever she needed to do, all while keeping a smile on her face.


Our partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation has given Eagle Creek the unique opportunity to lean in and tell some authentic survival stories of a few conquerors among us. To meet these women, we reached out to our personal networks and met some champions.

Annmarian, a Preschool Teacher’s Aid, was first diagnosed with breast cancer in March, 2015. She grew up thinking that as long as she took care of herself and was healthy, she would never get a disease like this. She was wrong.

When she first heard the news, she was shocked, melancholy and wanted to start her treatments, whatever they might be, as soon as possible. Physically, those treatments turned out to be very challenging for her. And though today her cancer has been in remission for 10 months, the after-effects of the disease and treatments continue to wreak havoc on her body. “I have lots of weight I want to loose and I need to rebuild my strength.”

Despite the difficult times, and the nasty nature of the disease, positivity has played a huge role in Annmarian’s fight with breast cancer. Although her treatments were very physically challenging, she kept her mind positive and asked tons of questions along the way.

“Cancer has made me realize that the little problems I face in everyday life will be solved, and things will move on, the earth will still turn, and the sun will still come up!”

To anyone out there who is struggling with the disease, AnnMarian says, “Breathe. Get all the information from doctors, nurses, and friends. Think of this as another stepping stone, another bridge to walk over.”

Annmarian has always loved to hike, exercise, and hang out with her sons. She hikes mostly in San Diego county, but is planning a trip across the United States to hike in many of America’s breath-taking National Parks.

This month we take time to pause and recognize the super stars among us.

You always have the opportunity to give to organizations whose missions you are personally connected to. Through the month of October, 10% of your purchase of any Eagle Creek gear identified with a pink ribbon will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

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