July 25th, 2014

Android and iPhone Photo Tips: How to Make a Slideshow

Android and iPhone Photo Tips: How to Make a Slideshow

Want to share the incredible vacation shots you took with your iPhone or Android? Follow these step-by-step instructions to turn your smartphone photos and video into a vacation slideshow that will have everyone reaching for the “like” button!   

Your vacation may be over, but chances are, the smartphone you traveled with is filled with dozens—if not hundreds!—of incredible images and video clips from the trip. Both the Android and iPhone come equipped with powerful cameras that can shoot in HD mode at the touch of a button.

Once you return from your trip, you can use your photos and videos to relive and share scenes from your urban adventure or secret beach getaway. No matter which exotic or culturally focused locale you visited, a vacation slideshow is a fun and easy way to re-experience your getaway, let friends and family see what you’ve been up to (and let’s face it…make them just a little jealous!). Follow these steps to organize, edit, and post your images; clicking through the photo gallery should keep you in high spirits until your next big getaway!

Step 1: Edit Down Your Images

The old adage “less is more” applies here. While it’s fun to look back at all your photos and relive your trip, resist clogging up your slideshow with every single pic you’ve snapped. Instead, focus on showcasing your best photos and video clips (some editing software will allow you to include video clips, too). Chose the media that reveals what you did each day, spotlights funny, quirky and touching moments, and provides overall highlights of your journey.

2. Tell A Story

Like great books and movies, the best slideshows have a beginning, middle, and an end. Put your photos in an order that makes sense, one that brings your friends and family on the journey with you (chronological order is usually easiest). Include images that give a sense of time and place, from the photo of your car packed with duffle and gear bags before the big road trip, to you posed with your daypack on the peak of that 11,000 foot mountain, to you and your companions toasting your final night on the road.

3.  Favor People Over Backgrounds

The inspiring vistas, gorgeous sunsets, and famous landmarks are vacation-slideshow staples, but don’t forget to include some people! You’ll tell a better story by sprinkling a few shots of your crew enjoying the journey—plus a few shots of locals and interesting characters you met along the way. These shots help add life to your slideshow.

4. Get Candid

Keep the posing to a minimum! Candid shots make for some of the best vacation images, so every once in a while, hand your camera off to a travel buddy and tell him or her to get snap happy when you’re not looking. There’s definitely room for a nice group shot of your travel posse, but no one wants to sit through countless photos of people saying “cheese.” Whenever possible, use images of friends and family (and you!) having fun in the moment.  

5. Use Postcards for Inspiration

Everyone loves a beautiful postcard, where images are balanced with simple text. Recreate that style by using on-screen titles in your slideshow. These title slides will help connect your photos with the story you’re telling. And they don’t have to appear just at the beginning; you can use title slides as transitions. If you don’t have photos showing how you got from Point A to Point B on your trip, make a title slide or use captions to help move the show along.

6. Fill in the Gaps

Need to fill some holes in your story? Use your Android or iPhone to take a few pictures of all the paperwork and trinkets you brought back home with you. These odds and ends often work well as supporting images for your “real” photos. Like a title slide, they can be useful as transitional elements in your storytelling. Items such as maps, ticket stubs, brochures, souvenirs, unique food/drink packaging, and/or an amusing road sign will work well in a vacation slideshow.

7. Share it!

Sharing your vacation photos with friends and family is a time-honored tradition. Email the video, embed it in your blog, or share it on social media. Even better, throw a vacation-themed party, host a slideshow “premiere.” It’ll be the capper to an incredible getaway!

With these tips, your great photos, and a little creativity, you can come up with a slideshow to make your audience ooh, ahh, and maybe even applaud (or at least give you a serious thumb’s up!).

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