March 16th, 2015

7 Ways to Save Space When Packing for Women

Bring more on your next trip while taking up less suitcase space with these tips!


Perhaps you’re already a master packer, and have even memorized the no-fly list. Or, perhaps you’re still tucking away 8 pairs of shoes and a neck pillow for a quick weekend road trip. Regardless of which end of the packing spectrum you fall on, a little extra room in your bag goes a long way. These 7 tips are sure to save you space in your suitcase.

Compress It

EagleCreek’s Pack-It Cubes are perfect for organization, but did you know they’re also an incredible space-saver? The water and stain resistant Pack-It Compression Cube Set comes equipped with compression zippers that shrink the size of the fully packed cubes. While it may be fun to sit on your suitcase to force it shut, compressing your items is way more effective.

Collapse It

Avid hikers have long known the genius of collapsible items like cups, hiking poles, coolers, lanterns and more, all of which have made prepping for long treks more simple. But the joy of the collapse isn’t just for those who roam in the wild. Save space for whatever trip you take with items that can get surprisingly small, such as yoga mats, umbrellas, water bottles and even the bag itself! Now, if only there were collapsible shoes…

Flatten Jewels

Knotted necklaces are a true travel nightmare, but packing each item in an individual box is against all space-saving rules. Instead, lay all jewelry flat on a Press’n Seal sheet, and secure it in place by topping it with a second sheet. Not only does this take up virtually zero extra room, but it can also be purchased on the cheap at most grocery stores.

Diminish the Bulk

Before braving a cold-weather trip with a lightweight jacket, reduce the size of your down jacket by up to 80 percent (while keeping 100 percent of the warmth) with a Pack-It Compression Sac. It easily compresses bulky items by pushing air out through one-way valves. Frostbite: avoided!

Go All-In-One Digital

Too much tech can take up valuable packing real estate. Assess which items you can consolidate with an all-in-one phone or tablet. Forgo your separate camera and use your smart phone. Not traveling for business? Snap a keyboard on your tablet, and sub it in for your laptop. Still packing DVDs and a portable DVD player? Reacquaint yourself with iTunes.

Liquidize Your Beauty Assets

Step away from the full-sized shampoo bottle! Save space—and protect the items in your bag—by taking only the amount of liquid you need in the Silicone Bottle Set. These space-saving containers are TSA approved, leak-proof and a new must for efficient packing.

Compact Make-A-Pillow

In a world without jetlag, leaving the neck pillow at home is an easy way to save space. In the real world, where planes, trains and automobiles become your defacto beds, said pillow is the only thing standing between you and a bleary eyed arrival. Preserve your precious sleep while also preserving your precious suitcase real estate with a Make-A-Pillow. Easy to stuff when you need it, easy to compress when you don’t, this space saver will (literally) help you rest easy.

With all that extra room in your bag, isn’t it about time to fill it with souvenirs? Find some travel inspiration with Eagle Creek’s Vacation Ideas.

Caila Ball-Dionne is a freelance writer and full-time travel enthusiast. You can read more of her work at

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by Caila Ball-Dionne

Caila Ball-Dionne is a freelance writer and full-time travel enthusiast. You can find more of her writing at

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