7 Reasons Fanny Packs are Back

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If you still remember fanny packs as some polyester bag with a rabbit foot dangling from the zipper, think again. Let’s talk about the newer, improved version: the Waist Pack.


Long gone are the 90s-era polyester bags known as the fanny pack. They’ve been reimagined as waist packs and have hit the fashion scene—celebrities are wearing them (thank you, Leo DiCaprio and Kimmy Schmidt) and they’ve been featured on the runway by Gucci, Marc Jacobs, and Prada. Beyond the cool kids wearing them again, here are seven reasons that the fanny pack—I mean waist pack—is back!


1. Better Material

Waist packs are no longer made from the cheaper material that many of us know and love (or hate) from the 80s and early 90s. Now, there are so many different fabric choices to choose from, depending on whether you’re hitting town for the night or wandering through the streets of Prague. 


2. Perfect for Safer Travels

When traveling to a foreign country—especially one where you might already stand out as a tourist—having a waist bag is crucial! A medium-sized waist pack is the perfect size for carrying everything you need close to your body! Plus, you won’t draw unnecessary attention to your things as you walk.


3. Convenient 

Ever dug through your bag just to find your chapstick and pulled everything out first? No need with a small waist pack. With loads of pockets and zippers, you can easily keep things organized if you’re packing it as an airplane bag. There are even pockets large enough to fit your passport, tablet, and phone, keeping them safe and secure.


4. Minimalism for Your Bag

Do you really need five different color lipsticks, three pens, and a mint from that Mediterranean restaurant you went to weeks ago in your bag? A waist pack’s compact nature minimizes the amount of stuff you carry around, so you stick to just the essentials.


5. Multi-Functional Pack and Stylish, Too

Whether you’re traveling, need your hands free while juggling kidsor groceries, or out for a run, the waist pack can handle it. Beyond whatever activity you can think up, a waist pack actually looks cool and go beyond its multi-functionality. 


6. Everyone Can Carry Stuff 

When traveling as a couple or with kids, there is often one person holding the bag with everyone’s stuff. With a waist pack, everyone can hold their own belongings and carry the weight. Solo travelers will also love the waist pack, because they now can keep their stuff in a smaller space. 


7. Perfect Hiding Place 

Whether it’s your Rubik’s cube, Run DMC cassette tape, or a couple of slap bracelets (okay, you own none of those things), the fanny pack was once the best place to hide your stuff from an annoying little sibling. Today, nothing has changed! Now, you can shove your Kindle, fidget spinner, or latest Etsy-handcrafted jewelry in your waist pack and keep your secrets.

If you’re not ready for a waist back just yet, try a crossbody messenger bag instead. No matter what you’re doing or where you’re going, you’re going to need something useful, functional, and cool-looking to carry your stuff. Why not enjoy hands-free travel with a waist pack. There’s a reason fanny packs came back: they really are the best way to keep your life organized while traveling, and beyond.


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By Carl Hedinger

Carl Hedinger is a recovering American expat who writes about travel, life, and everything else at Travel Through Life and NC Tripping. You can follow his family’s adventures there.