December 13th, 2017

7 “Must Download” Travel Apps for 2018

7 “Must Download” Travel Apps for 2018

There are millions of apps fighting for space on your phone. Download these seven to enhance your travel experiences in destinations around the world.

Whether you are traveling for a far off adventure to Argentina or Zimbabwe, or taking a short haul business trip, you always pack your phone. Even if you don’t have service abroad your phone has more uses than a Swiss Army knife, and can be your most essential travel tool—that is, when it’s charged and protected. Figuring out the right apps to download can be tricky: There are more than 2.2 million apps for Apple products and more than 2.8 million apps for Android products, after all. So, what are the best ones to choose for exploration around the world? Try these seven “must download” travel apps for 2018:


Been is a must for the those who want to track the number of countries they have visited. This app is perfect if you see a game component to globetrotting, and want to put in perspective what percentage of the world you’ve seen (and, of course, want to increase that percentage!) I, for example, have been to 23 percent of North America and 7 percent of the world, and I’m just itching to increase my number on future trips.

Google Translate

Google Translate promises to translate between 103 languages with a data connection (and 59 languages without a data connection). But, the best features is, perhaps, the conversation mode: the app acts as a translator and makes two-way speech possible between two people. Because lost in translation moments are so flip phone era.

Google Trips

Google Trips welcomes you to your destination with advice about what to do while you’re there. The content is created around your current location and/or the airplane and hotel reservations in your email. These guides are downloadable (because data ain’t free) and feature a number of recommendations—from activities and restaurants to discounts and information about transportation. Another plus? These guides are themed. Dublin, for example, can be experienced around themes like James Joyce’s Dublin, Irish Music & Dance, and Literary Dublin.


Hopper’s mantra is: “when to fly and buy.” The app is designed to assist with decisions about affordable tickets: what dates are the most affordable to fly and what dates are the most affordable to buy. It shares its predictions about when the price will fluctuate—as well as push notifications for when it does. Use this app with Google Flights to save with the most amount of success. 

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight was created to match hotel-less tourists with tourist-less hotels—and it still does. But, now, it’s possible to book for “tonight” and in advance. And the rates? They’re as affordable as ever.


MINDBODY enables the active traveler with access to an awesome selection of exercise studios in 130+ countries and territories. The choices are endless, from cardio sessions to small group fitness classes.


Not into group fitness? Kayla Itsine’s Sweat gives you plenty of 28-minute routines that can be done on the go—whether in a tiny Airbnb, or on an expansive beach. These interactive workouts are easy to accommodate and effective. 

Mobile Passport

Mobile Passport, the officially authorized app from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, ensures that customs is a breeze. Users can create profiles to re-enter the U.S. with ease (and extra time) at 24 airports and one cruise port.

Any favorite travel apps you’d add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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by Elizabeth Brown

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