August 5th, 2011

7 Healthy Travel Tips

7 Healthy Travel Tips

Oh traveling. New time zones, late nights, strange food, heat waves and thousands of pyramid steps before you can reunite with your own bed! Seeing the world can be invigorating but it can also take its toll, leaving you feeling drained, or even worse, with a bad case of the sniffles or Montezuma’s Revenge. To stay healthy throughout your trip, keep these quick and easy tips in mind.


Although vaccinations can protect you from major illnesses, a little common sense will help you avoid the other troublesome bugs that may leave you knowing more about the local facilities than you ever hoped for. Because your body has never been exposed to many of the germs that are native to your destination, follow these tips:

Drink bottled water and replenish your electrolytes 

  •  If there is any question about water quality, play it safe and stick with bottled water to avoid intestinal distress. This goes for brushing your teeth as well. If you can’t find any bottled water, soda water is a good substitute.

Pack a mini first-aid kit

  • Believe it or not, even touristy areas don't always feature a well-stocked pharmacy. Pack antacids, allergy medication, a few band-aids and an anti-inflammatory just in case.

Wash your hands often

  •  Next to eating or drinking contaminated substances, transferring germs from dirty hands to the eyes or mouth is the most common way to catch a cold or other bug. Carry a bottle of hand sanitizer if you’ll be someplace where you can't wash up.

Watch what you eat 

  • Traveling may open you up to a whole new world of cuisine. Ask questions and make sure that you’re aware of the ingredients and food storage techniques.

Make time for sleep 

  •  Although it's tempting to try to squeeze every second out of your well-deserved vacation, this plan can quickly backfire. Late nights paired with early mornings are a prescription for exhaustion. As much as possible, stick with your regular sleeping habits and don’t forget to pack ear plugs!Take naps - If you're more active than usual during your vacation, remember to take regular rest breaks. Revel in the restorative powers of a great mid-day nap!

Eat regular, healthy meals 

  •  While it may feel like you are too busy to eat, your body can't perform at peak levels without a little fuel. No matter how tempting, skip overly rich meals and try to not overeat. By eating healthy meals at regular intervals, you'll feel your best during your vacation. Bring along snacks like almonds or energy bars to ensure you aren’t caught cranky, starving, and with no food in sight.

Finally, while you may be tempted to blame sluggishness on jet lag or the time difference, dehydration is the biggest energy thief. Water is your friend, friend. Cheers to healthy travels!

by Eagle Creek

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