December 8th, 2015

2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Travel Gifts for Hikers

2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Travel Gifts for Hikers

Don’t give up on finding the perfect gift for the hiking enthusiast in your life: These five ideas are sure to please. 


The best holiday gifts are ones that are somewhat personalized, and speak to the recipient’s own likes and personalities. Shopping for any hikers this year? There are plenty of items out there that are helpful not only while on the trail, but also while traveling to and from the peaks. Here are five gift ideas bound to please the climbing, traveling, backpack-wearing friend or family member in your life.

A Multi-Functional Travel Shirt

Sweating is inevitable for people who are constantly on the move, whether in a city or on the trails, in blazing hot or freezing cold temperatures. That’s why it’s important for hikers to don breathable layers, like this

Smartwool’s® NTS Micro 150 Pattern Tee for the guys is a functional and fashionable staple in the outdoors, as is the Women’s NTS Micro 150 Tee.

A Carryall Backpack

It’s crucial for hikers and backpackers to have a pack that can store all their necessities, while still being portable and hands-free — rolling bags just don’t cut it on the trails.

Eagle Creek’s Systems Go Duffle Pack 35L not only meets the important hiking criteria, but it’s also airport and airplane friendly: It converts into a duffel, complete with a single crossbody strap, and is a perfect carry-on size. Plus, the padded interiors, lockable zippers, and multiple lash points for gear attachment mean it’ll be easy for the hiker in your life to carry everything and anything he could possibly need.

A Small Item Organizer

No hiker wants to have to completely empty out her pack on the mountain, just to find that one tube of hand sanitizer that sunk to the bottom. Make life easier on her with Eagle Creek’s Travel Sac — it can keep all the small stuff, like loose change, lip balm, and sunscreen, together and easy to access. (It’s also key for protecting the rest of the gear from surprise spills.)

A Sturdy Pair of Shoes

Hikers’ feet take so much abuse that it’s not only important to keep them comfortable, but also to protect them from uneven terrain and constant impact. Enter: The North Face’s Ultra Fastpack Gore-Tex® shoes, available for both men and women.

These shoes support even the most tired of feet, keeping them comfy all day and providing protection with their flexibility, impact absorption, and cushioning. Any hiker would love to wear these shoes from the airplane, to the trail, and back.

A Compression Sac

When a hiker is on the trail, he wants to conserve as much space in his pack as possible, which can be difficult, considering all the necessary gear for a hiking trip. The solution? Compression sacs.  Eagle Creek’s Pack-It™ Compression Sac Set – S/M/L is perfect for organizing clothes, accessories, and outerwear in separate compartments, each of which can then be shrunken down to minimize its footprint within the larger pack.

When it comes to shopping for hikers, these 5 travel gifts are just the tip of the iceberg; after all, there’s always new gear hitting the market. Have you found any other great hiking gifts? Tell us in the comments! 

Justin Fricke is an office dweller by weekday and a rock climber, hiker, surfer, cyclist, runner, and all-around adventure junkie by night and weekend. The Weekend Warrior is where he keeps records of all his adventures, gear reviews, tips and tricks. You also find him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

by Justin Fricke

Justin traded in his cushy desk job for a life on the road. He's spending a full year living in a converted Sprinter Van with his brother while they climb, surf, and explore all 50 states in one year. Follow his blog, The Weekend Warrior, where he keeps tabs on their adventures. You can also find him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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