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Introducing Wayfinder Collection

Introducing the Wayfinder Collection

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National Geographic Guide Series

Introducing the Eagle Creek National Geographic Guide Series. Inspired by National Geographic Explorers.


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Video: Don’t Get Comfortable

Ben Horton, National Geographic Adventure Photographer, goes where others often don’t. His ability to take photos in hostile environments has been the foundation of his career, yielding remarkable adventure-inspired photography.

Tips To Help You Improve Your Travel Photography

A picture paints a thousand words and when it comes to illustrating my tales of travel and adventure, there’s nothing better than a set of sharp, inspiring images that capture the essence of a destination.

Unknown Found: Another Side of History in Hanoi

I had some trepidation before I visited Vietnam, mostly in regard to how I would be treated as an American. However, my visit opened my eyes not only to this vibrant country, but also to how I viewed some of my personal history.