True Fit

Is It Truly a Carry-On?

Nothing kills travel enthusiasm faster than the words, “I’m sorry, we’re going to need to check that”. For far too long, inconsistencies in luggage sizing have been an issue in the travel industry. Carry-on sizes vary not only from airline to airline, but also from domestic to international travel. That’s why we’ve developed a TrueFit™ sizing standard. With Eagle Creek, you can have the confidence to strut past the gate attendant, boarding pass in one hand and carry-on in the other.

Measurements Matter

Tarmac 22

Our product design team has measured your bag like a top-notch tailor. Every inch counts and every measurement matters. With airline sizing rules varying from carrier to carrier, we’ve taken the guesswork out by providing you with accurate, true-to-size measurements.

Check with your carrier prior to your departure to confirm carry-on sizing. It helps to know before you go, especially if you’re traveling internationally when size dimensions and capacities seem to be a little more strict.

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