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Travel checklists for all types of trips and destinations. Whether you’re traveling to Mongolia or Manhattan, packing and travel preparation have never been easier.

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We simply love to travel. That's why we’ve been on the road since 1975. Along the way we've learned some tips and tricks that we know you'll find helpful.

7 Travel Accessories that Make Your Trip Easier

Travel accessories are all those “little things” you always wish you had packed, but always seem to forget until you're already on your way...

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A Long-Distance Traveler’s Guide to Travel Comfort

Say you have an object. And let’s say this object needs to be transported from point A to point B. Now imagine that the distance from point A to point...

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Buying Guide: Day Packs for Travel, Laptop Bags and Backpacks

Looking for the right travel bag? Find out how to compare day packs, cross body travel bags, fanny packs, and laptop bags with this handy buying guide.

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Buying Guide: Luggage, Travel Packs, Carry Ons and Duffel Bags

Rolling luggage or lightweight carry on? Duffel bag or travel pack? Use our handy buying guide for advice on what travel bag is best for your upcoming trip...

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Buying Guide: Pack It Packing Organizers and Compression Bags

Read about to use our Pack-It packing organizers and compression bags to keep your luggage organized while maximizing carrying space.

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Buying Guide: The Best Travel Accessories for Safety and Comfort

Find the right travel accessories, including travel pillows, travel safety items, and other handy things to have for peace of mind while traveling.

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Find the Perfect Travel Companion in Your Day Bag

Finding the right travel companion isn’t always easy. We want someone who is flexible, versatile, organized and made for adventure. When searching for the...

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How to Pack a Travel Pack

As the saying goes, when you’re planning to go a travelin’, bring twice as much money as you think you’ll need and half as much stuff. In our experience,...

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Lightweight Luggage

Best Gear for Traveling Light Without Leaving Your Stuff at Home

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Lose Your Travel Weight with Eagle Creek!

At Eagle Creek, we've been obsessed with making lighter and lighter bags since the day we opened our doors. We're all travelers here. We know the “joy” of...

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Luggage – What to Know Before You Buy

Shopping for luggage can be a fun and exciting experience, especially if you're...

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Pack-It™ - The Revolutionary Way to Pack Your Luggage

“How do I pack it all?”

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Packing for College

The big adventure of college is just around the corner. The freedom, the fun, (and yes), the studying, await you. You’ve lived at home for a long time and...

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Packing List – Everything You Need for Your Next Journey

Creating a packing list is an important first step to planning almost any type of travel. It helps you not only to plan...

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Preparing for Adventure

If “being prepared” for “true adventure” sounds like an oxymoron – well, it is.

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Smart Travel in 4 Steps

It’s important to be prepared no matter where the journey takes you. Planning ahead will exponentially save you time and sanity on a trip.

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The Benefits of Carrying On: Pack It Up & Be On Your Way

Boxers or briefs? Paper or plastic? Check-in or carry-on? Age-old questions, yes, but are you truly prepared to travel like a pro without submitting to the...

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The Gift of Surprise Travel

Travel is the secret romantic tonic that too few take advantage of. If you have any doubts about a potential significant other, get out of Dodge with them...

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Three Large Capacity Bags for Big Adventures

The holidays are just around the corner, and with them, dreams of holiday travel. Maybe you plan on traveling to visit friends or relatives with gifts in...

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Travel Accessories: Gifts for Any Budget

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a traveler on your list, Eagle Creek travel accessories are thoughtful and good for any budget.  Accessories are...

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Travel backpack or traditional pack: How to choose

You're off to New Zealand, or the Ardennes Mountains, or to see the Wizard and you're going to be gone for a while. Should you travel with a travel pack or...

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Travel Bags: How to Pick the Right Travel Bag

Choosing the right travel bags for a big trip can sometimes seem as daunting as the trip itself. You not only have to carefully plan what...

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Travel Checklist – 60 Items to Bring on Your Next Trip

Making a travel checklist before any type of trip is a great way to make sure you pack everything you need.

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Travel Luggage – Choosing the Right Bag for Your Journey

If you've ever shopped for travel luggage, then you know you have some big decisions to make.

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What to Look for in a Travel System

A travel system is more than just luggage and bags – it's a complete solution for making your journey easier, more efficient and more comfortable.

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Why a Travel Pack Could Be Your Perfect Luggage

A travel pack is a great alternative to traditional luggage and suitcases, and you may find that it offers versatility that many other bags...

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The Eagle Creek Pack-It™ System

Spend more time enjoying the scenery and less time digging around your bag.

Eagle Creek: Packing for a 10-day Trip

It's simple. Fit more in less space. And, minimize wrinkles while you're at it!

Eagle Creek: Packing for a 10-day Trip - Women's Edition

Hey ladies, think you can't fit everything you need for a 10-day trip, in a carry-on? Think again...

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