Travel Tips and Packing Lists

What to Look for in a Travel System

A travel system is more than just luggage and bags – it's a complete solution for making your journey easier, more efficient and more comfortable.

Travel SystemIf you aren't careful about how you choose your gear before a trip, then you could find yourself with many challenges and headaches along the way. Whether you're planning a weeklong walking tour or a yearlong excursion, you need to make sure you are well equipped for each step of the journey. 

The bigger the trip, the more prepared you'll need to be. But don't stress about it. With a little bit of planning and help from Eagle Creek, you can easily create a complete system for organizing your stuff and “traveling light” – even when your bags are stuffed full. 

Essential Travel System Components

1) Luggage & Bags
Your larger luggage bags are the foundation of your travel system. They'll hold nearly all your belongings and some of the other travel system components below, so you need to make sure they're built tough and appropriate for the trip.

Consider every stage of your trip. Will you need rolling uprights for walking through long airport corridors? Will you be on foot through cities and rural areas, requiring you to carry all your stuff on your back? There are plenty of options to choose from, so simply factor in the needs of your travels and pick the right bag for you.

2) Organizational Packing System
At Eagle Creek, we call this our Pack-It™ System. It's an organizational system that lets you separate your belongings into different compartments, keeping them safe, and making your life so much easier.

Each piece has a unique purpose and advantages: space maximization, odor control, wrinkle resistance and much more. Consider all the items you plan to bring, and choose your gear appropriately. It will revolutionize the way you pack.

3) Travel Accessories & Necessities
These are the “little things” that make your trip so much easier but are often forgotten until you're already on your way. Travel pillows, extra luggage tags, straps, electrical socket conversion kits, umbrellas, locks, clocks – plus the right sized totes and day packs to carry it all. 

Remember: an organized traveler is a happy traveler. Make sure your packing system contains all the necessities you need to make your journey a piece of cake.

4) Day Travel Bags
When you're out and about, taking short day tours, grabbing a bite to eat, or simply exploring the local area, you need a lightweight and versatile bag that keeps all your necessities close at hand.

That's where our Day Travelers come in. They're comfortable, go-anywhere bags designed to fit your specific needs and preferences, with features for comfort, organization, security, laptop compatibility, checkpoint friendliness and more.

Travel smart with the Eagle Creek Travel System

At Eagle Creek, we've created a complete system of travel solutions for every step of your journey, providing everything you need for your next adventure. 

Our simple 4-step travel system makes it easy to choose the right pieces for your trip: 

  • Luggage & Packs
  • Pack-It System
  • Necessities
  • Day Travelers

Our products are made by travelers, for travelers. Every single item is built with durable, high-quality materials and smart design features intended to make your trip easier.

Browse our site now to build your own travel system for your next adventure.